Horse Podcast Ep 184: Shagya Arabians – Talented Allrounders from Hungary

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 184 - Horse Breeds Around the World - Shagya Arabian

Another episode of our Horse Breeds around the World Series. Today we talk about another Austro-Hungarian horse breed again, the Shagya Arabian whose modern home is in Hungary. Bred as a horse for the military in the 19th century, it was known as Arabian horse till after the Second World War, when the breed was named after one of its foundation sires. I am talking about this versatile breed with Louise Adensamer from Austria whose family has been breeding Shagya Arabians for several generations and keeps them in the heart of the city of Vienna.

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Horse Breeds Around the World

Different breeds and horse cultures

Today there are around 400 horse breeds in the world. Some are extremely popular such as Frisians, Thoroughbred, Arabians or Quarter Horses, whereas others are little known, such as the Caspian Pony, Noitgedachter or Marwari. Meanwhile many breeds are restricted to their home countries and some are threatened or nearly extinct. In our Horse Breeds Around the World Series we want to introduce some of the lesser known breeds to you and talk about what role they play in their home country and above all, why they should not be forgotten.

The Shagya Arabian

Another horse breed from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, after talking about the Lipizzaner, today we talk about a distantly related horse breed, the Shagya Arabian. Bred for a very different purpose, both breeds look different but have one common ancestor the Arabian stallion Siglavy brought from Syria to Austrian in the 19th century. Interbred with heavier, stronger horses, the Shagya Arabian developed in the stud farm of Babolna in modern Hungary as a swift and versatile cavalry horse. Till today the Shagya Arabian combines elegance and endurance with athletics and the slightly larger frame and height of Thoroughbreds. It has competed successfully in dressage, show jumping, carriage driving an endurance and is a perfect all-round equine partner for any activity you might want to do.

Our Guests today:

Louise Adensamer (Austria)

Equestrian Adventuress and Endurance rider from Austria whose family has owned and bred Shagya Arabians for a long time. She competes with her Shagya Arabian gelding Siglavy Bagdady Boromir in endurance.

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  • Origin & Characteristics of the Shagya Arabian
  • Stallion lines
  • What are they used for
  • Where can you get one

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