Horse Podcast Ep 205: Fjord Horses – Small But Mighty

Small but mighty, the Fjord horse is one of the world’s oldest and purest breeds. Dated back to the Viking era the Fjord horses have been selectively bred for at least 2000 years. The fjord horses are strongly built. measuring between 13-14 hands, and fall into the 900 -1200 pound range. These mild-tempered horses are strong enough to plow the fields, sure-footed enough to climb mountains and still compete as a sport horse in combined driving. Join Heather as she more information on the Fjord horses genetic colouring and learn all about the breed and its uses. 

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Fjord Horses – Breeds Characteristics

The Fjord horse has a distinct appearance. The breed’s conformation differs from many other breeds in that it is a blend of draught horse muscling and bone, with the smaller size and great agility. They have a strong, arched neck, sturdy legs and good feet, and a compact, muscular body.

Fjord Horses – Color

All Fjord horses are dun in color. Dun is a body colour that is tan or gold or related shade with darker, usually black or dark brown points. The breed standard recognises five shades variations. The 5 shades recognised are Brown Dun which 90% of Fjords are, the remaining 10% consists of Red Dun, Grey Dun, White Dun, and Yellow Dun. The Dun colour variations can be subtle and hard to distinguish unless horses of different shades are standing side by side. The Fjord horse retains the wild Dun colour of the original horse as well the primitive markings which include zebra stripes on the legs and a dorsal stripe that runs from the forelock down the neck and back and into the tail.

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Heather (Canada)

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  • World’s oldest and Purest Breed
  • Equine Coat Colour Genetics
  • Small but mighty
  • From farm work to the sport horse world

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