Horse Podcast Ep 222: Riding & Filming in Sicily

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 222 - Riding & Filming in Sicily

And we are continuing with our mini series about Sicily, a prime horse riding and tourist destination. Today I am talking with Christina Heß from the blog Herzenspferd who recently rode and filmed a travel documentary in Sicily. 18 days she rode through different regions of the island and documented her rides, the landscape, the region, the people and their culture. Additionally she presented Sicily’s unique horse culture and its three indigenous horse breeds.

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Horse Culture of Sicily

Sicily is a great destination for horse riders. Its ancient horse culture and native breeds are less known among horse riders.

San Fratellano Horse

A hardy mountain horse from the community of San Fratello in the Nebrodi Mountains of Sicily. This light, medium-sized breed of horses is ideally suited for packing or trail riding.

Sicilian Oriental Purebred

A light Arabian type of horse descending from the horses of the Arab invaders.

Sicilian Saddlebred or Siciliano Indegeno

Another medium-size native horse breed, combining different breeds who had reached the island with the different conquerers throughout the ages. The best horse lines were combined, among others Spanish, Norman and Oriental horses in order to create the perfect Cavalry horse. Today there are around 8000 horses left and the breed is working on national recognition.

Your Guest today:

Christina Heß (Germany)

Equestrian Adventuress, filmmaker and blogger from Germany.

Christina’s Blog Herzenspferd

Christina’s YouTube Channel

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  • The Sicilian Mafia
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