Horse Podcast Ep 227: Mangalarga Marchador – The Gaited Horse of Brazil

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 227 - Mangalarga Marchador

Another episode of our Horse Breeds around the World Series. Today we talk about a horse breed from South America: The Mangalarga Marchador, national horse breed of Brazil. A gaited horse, this breed is known for its versatility, smoothness and trainability. I am have invited two experts on the breed who can tell us all about this special breed of horses.

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Horse Breeds Around the World

Different breeds and horse cultures

Today there are around 400 horse breeds in the world. Some are extremely popular such as Frisians, Thoroughbred, Arabians or Quarter Horses, whereas others are little known, such as the Caspian Pony, Noitgedachter or Marwari. Meanwhile many breeds are restricted to their home countries and some are threatened or nearly extinct. In our Horse Breeds Around the World Series we want to introduce some of the lesser known breeds to you and talk about what role they play in their home country and above all, why they should not be forgotten.

The Mangalarga Marchador

The Mangalarga Marchador is the national horse of Brazil and one of the most numerous horse breeds in the world, numbering more than half a million horses in Brazil. Due to its smoothness of gait and versatility, the breed has many friends in other countries too and has made its way into the USA and Europe.

It is a medium sized horse with a strong, muscular body, coming in many different colours. Like most horses of Latin America, its origin are horses from the Iberian peninsula, more specifically Alter Real horses and Lusitanos which were crossed with local Criollo stock. Bred for comfort and beauty by Brazilian Ranchers, the breed quickly became popular.

Besides walk and canter, the Mangalarga Marchador displays two distinct gaits, the Marcha Batida and the Marcha Picada. Both are smooth, ambling gaits, the Marcha bated is similar to the foxtrot, a diagonal gait while the Marcha Picada is a four-beat lateral gait, similar to a stepping pace.

Our Guests today:

Linda Holst (USA) & Daniel Pulliam (USA)

Linda is the owner of Rancho Linda Marchadores where she keeps and breeds Mangalarga Marchadores. Daniel is a horse trainer who trains Mangalarga Marchadores and who started the website Marchador Stallions to better match Mangalarga Marchadores in the USA.

Rancho Linda Marchadores

Marchador Stallions

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  • Origin & Characteristics of the Mangalarga Marchador
  • Their special gaits & characteristics
  • How they came to the USA

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