Horse Podcast Ep 230: Where to Next? Horse Destination Hawaii!

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 230 - Horse Destination Hawaii

Today’s podcast episode takes us the island paradise of Hawaii. While it might not be the first destination you might think of, when you think of horse riding, it is definitely a favourite winter holiday destination and horse riding is a popular activity there. So whether it is trail riding, beach riding, ranch riding or Polo, it can be done on Hawaii. So join us today for a little bit of sunshine and horses and plenty of travelling information in this Where to Next? Episode of the EQA podcast.

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Hawaii – Tropical Paradise, Surf & Hula

Hawaii is the 50th US state. An archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, it is separated by the mainland USA by 3200 km and consists of 137 islands, eight of which are bigger. Geographically and ethnically, Hawaii is part of Polynesia, a subregion of Oceana, rather than North America.

The Hawaiian Islands were formed by volcanic activities and still boast several dormant and active volcanos, which have created its impressive geological features.

A tropical island paradise, Hawaii is a favourite winter destination for North Americans and people from all over the world. It is a famous surfing and water sports destination with excellent weather conditions all year round.

Lesser well known is the fact, that Hawaii is also a great place to ride horses. There are plenty of horse riding opportunities on different islands and riders can enjoy different kind of trail rides. Horse keeping is expensive as most of the horse food has to be imported, but Hawaiians themselves love Equestrian activities.

According to a livestock census, Hawaii has more than 5000 horses, most of them were brought there to herd cattle, so the majority are American and Western Riding breeds.

Oahu has a Polo club which also offers lessons to non-members. And finally, Hawaii has its own proper cowboys, the Paniolos. The name comes from the word Español, meaning Spanish.

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On the Show today:

Ute (India) Heather (Canada)

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  • Some information on Hawaii
  • Travelling tipps
  • Horse Riding in Hawaii
  • Learn to play Polo

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