Horse Podcast Ep 272: Working with Horses Around the World

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 272 - Working with Horses Around the World

Who has not dreamed about working with horses around the world? Cantering an Arabian horse through the desert or guiding a trail ride through the African bush? Sanne has done it all and writes a blog about her experiences. Today she talks with Ute about how to find jobs and opportunities to ride and work with horses abroad and how you can earn money while travelling.

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Your Guest today:

Sanne Westera (Netherlands)

Equestrian Adventuress from the Netherlands who worked with horses in different countries and writes a blog about her experiences.

Sanne’s Blog Hooves Around the World

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  • The joy of travelling
  • How to work or volunteer with horses abroad
  • Make money while travelling

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