Horse Podcast Ep 277: Horse Colors – The Science Behind It

Do you know how many different horse colors there are? In today’s EQA # 277 we dive into the A’s, B’s, and C’s of horse colors.  The genetics behind horse colors come in two primary equine color pigments.  These two horse colors are essentially red and black, however, each pigment can be modified by other genes.  Horse colors also come in many different shades for example with Bays you can have, Blood Bay, Bay Roan, Silver Bay, and even Bay Dun. Then you have the Chestnut or Sorrel which come in different shades of red. The genetics of a horse’s color coat is important for understanding the heritability that could benefit the breeding decision.

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Heather (Canada)

YourEquestrian Adventuresses Podcast Hosts and seasoned travellers & horse riders!

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  • Black point colors
  • Non Black point colors
  • Genetic Dilutions
  • Two basic equine color pigments
  • Breed and colors similarities
  • Roughstock vs Timed events

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