Horse Podcast Ep 282: Karabagh – The Golden Horse of Azerbaijan

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 282 - Karabagh - The Golden Horse of Azerbaijan

Another episode of our Horse Breeds around the World Series. Today we talk about a rare breed of horses both in its homeland as well as in the world: The Karabagh Horse from the tiny region of Berg-Karabagh between Armenia and Azerbaijan. In the 1990s a few of these horses found their way to Germany and inspired Verena Scholian who unknowingly bought the Karabagh stallion Inturist. Out of interest she became an expert and founded the IG Karabagh, a breed association in Germany. Her goal is to help promote the breed and forward the cooperation of the few breeders and owners of Karabagh horses in Europe. I was lucky enough to interview her and hear her amazing story.

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Horse Breeds Around the World

Different breeds and horse cultures

Today there are around 400 horse breeds in the world. Some are extremely popular such as Frisians, Thoroughbred, Arabians or Quarter Horses, whereas others are little known, such as the Caspian Pony, Noitgedachter or Marwari. Meanwhile many breeds are restricted to their home countries and some are threatened or nearly extinct. In our Horse Breeds Around the World Series we want to introduce some of the lesser known breeds to you and talk about what role they play in their home country and above all, why they should not be forgotten.

The Karabagh Horse

The Karabagh is an ancient mountain breed from the Southern Caucasus mountains. Its homeland is the region Berg-Karabagh, in between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Bred to cross hight mountains and rough terrain, it is an excellent and intelligent riding horse often crossed with Arabian blood to make it faster and taller. Its main feature is its sturdiness and beautiful golden chestnut colour. In Azerbaijan it is used in horse racing and the traditional equestrian game of Chovqan. A few horses found their way to Europe and soon found fans. Today there is a small established breeding scene and horses compete in Endurance, Working Equitation, polo or are just used in pleasure riding.

Our Guests today:

Verena Scholian (Germany)

Horse owner and breeder Verena Scholian has a keen interest in rare horse breeds and fell in love with the Karabagh Horse when she purchased her first stallion Inturist, not knowing which breed he was.

Website of the IG- Karabagh

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  • Origin & Characteristics of the Karabagh Horse
  • How they came to Germany
  • Establishing a rare breed abroad

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