Horse Podcast Ep 294: EQA Book Club Pony Power

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep294 - EQA Book Club Pony Power

If you love books, this is the perfect place for you. Once a month, Heather, Ute, and sometimes Krystal, will talk about their favorite horsey book. In today’s episode of the EQA Book Club, Ute is talking with Claire Eckhard about her recently published book Race Against Time, a book about a girl, a pony and their race against time in the toughest 100-miles endurance race in the world, the Tevis Cup.

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Race Against Time by Claire Eckhard

The true story of a girl and a pony, who found each other and formed a bond. Flash, a Hackney pony, small and feral, and Kyla Law, a young girl, bullied by her peers, with a big heart and the guts to hang on against all odds. This unlikely pair persists through all difficulties and finally finds their happiness and fulfilment in endurance riding. It is a race against time as Kyla is constantly getting older and bigger and Flash is just what he is, a pony.

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Our Guests today:

Claire Eckhard (USA)

Author and horse lover, Claire Eckard was born in Britain but shifted to the USA as a young woman and settled there permanently. She lives in Arizona

Claire’s Website

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 200 - EQA Book Club
Claire Eckhard with The Almighty Flash

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  • Writing a Biography
  • The Tevis Cup
  • Filming a documentary

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