We are a community of women that love riding fabulously trained horses, luxury travel and show jumping!

Equestrian Adventuresses offers valuable resources, such as our virtual coaching program that bridges the gap between the EU and the USA. We offer exclusive opportunities for selected individuals the chance to train in Spain with Coach Krystal Kelly in person, hire her horses to compete internationally in your next (or first) prestigious FEI event. We also offer the opportunity to help you to purchase and import horses to the USA as well as keep a small string of horses in Europe for you to compete as your schedule allows.

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Who are we and how did we get started?

Krystal, EQA Founder, has a love of horses and travel which led her to work abroad in over 25 countries on 5 continents during her 18+ years working professionally in the industry.

She developed her own riding curriculum and training plans, with the goal of raising the standards in the equestrian industry. She then traveled far and wide, implementing her curriculum to riding clubs in Asia, Africa, Europe and more.

“The first time I went to Bhutan,” she shares, “I had to train the guy that would be living with and caring for the horses. He didn’t speak any English but it was my job to work with him and teach him everything I could in a short amount of time. His family lives in a house near the “stables” and his children are growing up around horses. They will be the first generation in Bhutan which has been raised around people riding horses. That’s because no one in Bhutan rides horses, our program was the first and only one in the country. Watching the girl and boy playing with the tack after we had finished riding for 6 days in the mountains made me feel very hopeful for the future of horseback riding in this magical country. Personally? I am rooting for the girl…”

A Bhutanese girl and boy play with saddles pretending to ride
Equestrian Adventuresses believes that GIRLS are the key to the future in equestrian sports, animal welfare and equine careers!

Krystal learned long ago that it was impossible to change the world by herself. The importance of the “sisterhood” would be the key to getting more women in the saddle around the world. Her desire to get more women involved with horses while staying inspired, connected with each other and supporting one another’s competitive goals resulted in the manifestation of Equestrian Adventuresses!

I am lucky enough to have ridden many amazing horses and received some of the best training from top coaches and riders during my career. I’ve gotten the chance to see the world from the back of a horse and now I’m helping make that international dream to ride, train and compete abroad a reality for riders around the world.

In 2018, Equestrian Adventuresses was formed. Our vision, was to provide amateur riders the opportunity to compete on hired horses in prestigious international competitions. These would be REAL FEI competitions on REAL FEI horses. The aim to provide these talented amateur equestrians the chance to experience international competitions without the hassle and headache (or expense!) of trying to import horses across oceans in order to experience what the European Show Jumping Circuit has to offer.

Along with competition tours, we also offer training and lessons at our private show jumping yard in Spain.

Leveraging our expertise as both international travelers and equestrians we offer assistance for riders with their 5 star accommodation, horse lease and training plans and coaching during the show jumping tours.

For more information, head to the Contact Us Page and send us an email!

The International Equestrian

The International Equestrian LLC is the parent company of Equestrian Adventuresses and has a spectrum of deep and wide benefits based on enhancing riding skills, the holistic equestrian journey, and accessing international competitions (especially in the highly acclaimed European region). With a world-class online coaching program– riders have access to tools that prepare them for the global stage. Our company ensures riders are trained, connected, resource-rich, and geographically unbounded.  

The International Equestrian is the definitive bridge for American riders looking to make a mark in the European equestrian circuit and beyond. 

Ride Beyond Boundaries: The International Equestrian Virtual Coaching combined with Equestrian Adventuresses unique opportunity to offer select riders the chance to train and compete in Europe is your gateway to Global Equestrian Excellence.

The International Equestrian is the North Star for ambitious American riders eyeing the European circuit and beyond. This highly sought-after online coaching platform bridges the gap between the continents, thrusting female American riders into the global spotlight. These dedicated riders gain access to the pivotal tools required to navigate global equestrian landscapes so that they can walk the Grand Prix dream. It’s every equestrian’s online passport to international excellence.

The Team

Coach Krystal Kelly
EQA Founder

From California, USA

Living in Spain

Virtual Coaching Website

Equestrian Adventuresses was started by Coach Krystal Kelly, a Californian girl based in Europe.

  1. Krystal Kelly is a recognized FEI II Show Jumping Coach. Riders get top-quality coaching and support from an expert who understands the European competitive space.
  2. Worked internationally in over 20+ countries and 6 continents 
  3. Traveled to over 65 countries seeking knowledge and finding out the WHY’s to the hard questions most fail to ask

Sandra Kelly
Customer Service


Sandra Kelly enjoying a ride through rice fields in Bali

At the age of ten Sandra became obsessed with horses and studied all about them. However, living in the mountains in California in the 1970’s gave her little access to horses and once she was off to college her life became too “busy.” So, she graduated college with a degree in Social Work, got married, started a family and then focused her career on being a Youth Counselor. This spurned a desire to prevent crime instead of responding to the effects of it. Retiring after 26 years, Sandra spent several years traveling, adventuring and reconnecting with her passions. Now she is finding her passion for horses once again.

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