Horse Podcast Ep 187: Murder Mystery on Horseback

If you love books, this is the perfect place for you. Once a month, Heather, Ute, and sometimes Krystal, will talk about their favorite horsey book. In today’s episode of the EQA Book Club, Ute is talking with Valerie Power about her first book October’s Fire, a murder mystery taking place in a small community in California. Things heat up when a wildfire threatens the life of its inhabitants. If you love a good suspense novel, this is the perfect book for you!

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Horse Podcast Ep 186: Adventuresses – on the Move

Do you know what you would do if you had to move your family and horses to a new farm? Today’s episode  Adventuresses on the move share that exact story. Stay tuned as EQA 186 takes us through the highs and lows of moving to a new farm!  Heather is chatting with fellow Adventuress Kari who had to move.  Kari shares with us the process of having to find a new place in a short window of time, how to prioritize what they needed,  and how lucky they were to find a piece of paradise. They also discuss getting the new place horse ready, and how she found new adventures in her new locations, and a few other fun facts.  Enjoy!

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Horse Podcast Ep 185: Competitive Trail Riding – Fun & Horsemanship

In today’s episode, I am talking with Alice Perryman about her favourite equestrian sports: Competitive Trail Riding. It is a little bit like an endurance ride, but slower and it involves different obstacles you have to tackle during your ride under the watchful eye of a horsemanship judge. By the end of the day, it is all about having fun with your horse, helping each other and camping.

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Horse Podcast Ep 184: Shagya Arabians – Talented Allrounders from Hungary

Another episode of our Horse Breeds around the World Series. Today we talk about another Austro-Hungarian horse breed again, the Shagya Arabian whose modern home is in Hungary. Bred as a horse for the military in the 19th century, it was known as Arabian horse till after the Second World War, when the breed was named after one of its foundation sires. I am talking about this versatile breed with Louise Adensamer from Austria whose family has been breeding Shagya Arabians for several generations and keeps them in the heart of the city of Vienna.

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Horse Podcast Ep 183: Montana – Big Sky Country

Montana or better known as Big Sky Country is a destination you want to add to your horseback riding bucket list.  Montana the fourth largest state by land location is home to some of the best backcountry horse riding you will find. If you want to be a cowgirl for a day, a weekend, or even an entire week, there are working ranch holidays all over the state. Give your hand at roping, maybe even branding on an authentic dude ranch. Montana has something for everyone, horseback riding, fishing,  soaking in hot springs, all with an amazing backdrop of scenery.

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Horse Podcast Ep 182: Cairngorm100 – Scotland’s Own Tevis Cup

In today’s episode, we travel to Scotland and talk about Scotland’s very own Tevis Cup, the Cairngorm100 endurance ride. It takes place every two years against the stunning backdrop of the Cairngorm National Park which is one of the UK’s last true wildernesses. My guest today is Fionnghuala Paterson from Scotland who has competed in this ride not only once, but three times already. This year she emerged as overall winner and she was kind enough to talk with me about this epic ride across the Scottish Highlands, what makes it so special and her own personal experiences competing in it.

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Horse Podcast Ep 181: Adventuresses – From the Back Country to the Flower Shop

I was so fortunate to meet our guest today a true Adventuresses!  She has had adventures with grizzly bears in the backcountry to riding all over the world with her partner. Whenever this adventuress is out she is always searching for her next horse riding adventure.  From leading a pack trip in the Rocky mountains to her favorite riding destination of Mongolia, Rachel has enjoyed the views from between the ears of a horse. And on top of all her horse adventure, she runs a very successful flower shop. Where she creates beautiful arrangements for all occasions. Being an adventuress is something Rachel is very proud of and she loves to share her adventures with her family and friends.

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Horse Podcast Ep 180: Horse Drugs – Caffeine to Cocaine

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between horse drugs in the feed store to what your vet is prescribing? Today’s podcast takes an in-depth look into the world of horse drugs. Heather is joined by Tricia Dowling DVM from the Western College of Veterinary medicine in Saskatoon Canada. Here they discuss everything from the legal to illegal drugs that horses are given for a variety of reasons.  The difference between the brand name and generic drugs and why the horse drugs are prescribed by a vet versus sold over the counter. And most importantly understanding high dose at short intervals vs low dose over longer durations.

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Horse Podcast Ep 179: Riding Bitless on World Bitless Horse Day!

4th September is Bitless Horse Day! And in honour of it, we decided to talk in today’s episode all about how to ride bitless, the pros and cons of bitless riding and why it might not be suitable for everyone. If you have always wanted to try out how to ride bitless, listen to today’s podcast in which we tell you about our personal experiences with riding bitless!

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Horse Podcast Ep 178: Riding The Backcountry – Adventuresses Style

Riding in the backcountry adventuresses style is what today’s podcast is all about. Horse riding in a national park, who could ask for anything better. This adventuress head into the backcountry with her husband for an adventure of a lifetime. Join Heather as she tells her story of riding in the backcountry of beautiful Banff national park, Canada’s first national park. Hear all about the booking process, the amazing horses and guides, and let’s not forget to mention the food and luxury accommodations. Riding in the backcountry is no easy task, but when you are on a trusty mountain horse you can travel to places most will never get to visit. Enjoy

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