Horse Podcast Ep 162: Protect Your Horse from Mosquitoes & Flies

Every riders knows summer time is mosquito time and in order to enjoy our rides or for our horses to enjoy their freedom in the fields, they need some kind of protection. Today we discuss the best ways to manage the mosquito and fly plague, horse-on products and natural and chemical repellent and fly sprays. We also give you a great recipe for making one at home on a budget. Have you ever wanted to know more about the ingredients of your fly spray? Then listen to today’s podcast episode in which we talk about which chemicals do what and why you should keep an eye on the label before buying your next fly spray.

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Horse Podcast Ep 161: Taking Stock – One Year As Podcast Hosts

One year ago, in July 2020, Heather and Ute took over as podcast hosts of the Equestrian Adventuresses Podcast so it could grow into a regular podcast show with three episodes a week, bringing its audience not only stories and interviews from all around the world, but also tips on travelling, horse keeping, horse health and trail riding. From inexperienced newcomers in the podcasting world, we have grown along with the EQA podcast over the last 12 months and the journey has just started. Today we want to pause and take stock, remembering all the ups and downs of the ride and telling you about our favorite episodes, glitches and of course why we are still here, recording, editing and uploading new episodes for you every week!

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Horse Podcast Ep 160: Are you an Equestrian Fashionista?

Are you an Equestrian Fashionista? Today’s episode is all about fashion, how dressing like an equestrian fashionista is the trendy thing to do. Gone are the days where you needed to change out of your riding clothes to head out for dinner. Whether you are in breeches and tall-riding boots or jeans and cowboy boots you are on point when it comes to being a fashionista.  Heather shares with us trends of hats, matching belts, and earrings all that in between. Enjoy this podcast on how we equestrian fashionistas are taking the world by storm. 

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Horse Podcast Ep 159: Calgary Stampede – On Location

Yahoo from the Calgary Stampede the Great Outdoor Show on Earth. Today’s episode takes us on a tour of the Calgary Stampede with podcast host Heather. She highlights the different attractions you can visit, the tasty snacks, and all the great horses.  We learn a little history on the Calgary Stampede and Heather goes through each of the rodeo events. You will want to add this destination to your bucket list. So grab your cowboy boots, cowboy hat and don’t forget your wallet, and let’s go.

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Horse Podcast Ep 158: Ask the Vet – Cushing’s Diesase PPID

We are back with another great ASK the Vet episode where Heather is speaking with  Dr. Julia Montgomery associate professor of large animal clinical sciences from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatchewan Canada. The topic we are reviews is PPID Pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID; equine Cushing’s disease). The disease of the again horse that once they have it they have it for the rest of their life.

We discuss, who is at risk, signs, and warnings, and how it is tested for. Like many other diseases that affect horses, there are 3 levels of PPID, mild, moderate, and severe. Join us to learn all about this disease and how you can manage your horse if they get it.

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Horse Podcast Ep 157: Curly Horses – The Hypoallergenic Allrounder

Another episode of our Horse Breeds around the World Series. Today I am talking with Sherry Bedard about a special and rare breed: the North American Curly Horse. This breed is unique as it has a very special coat which is curly in most of the horses. Besides being curly, it is also hypoallergenic so people who have a horse hair allergy, can ride and handle Curly Horses without any problems. Sherry has turned towards the breed as her husband is allergic to horses and she needed a horse he could hang out with. She fell in love and has several of them today which she uses to offer horse therapy. Learn all about this truly unique breed in our podcast episode!

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Horse Podcast Ep 156: Horse Riding Adventures – The @Thru_Rider from Mexico to Canada

Just imagine, you, your horse, and 10,000 miles of backcountry. That’s just what today’s guest has accomplished so far. Heather is chatting with Gillian Larson the @Thru_Rider in today’s episode where they discuss the Pacific Crest trail, riding from Mexico to Canada not once but three times. Horse riding adventures from Mexico to Canada what a challenge to complete. Gillian shares with us how she has created workshops to share her knowledge with other long riders on her experiences of riding in the backcountry. We hear all about the good, the bad, and the ugly of riding alone in the backcountry.  Make sure you share with your friends so they won’t miss out.

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Horse Podcast Ep 155: Where to Next? Horse Destination Belgium!

Our destination today is a small country in Western Europe which is not usually one of the major horse riding destinations or even an obvious choice for people looking for their next holiday destination. And that is a pity as Belgium has it all, picturesque little towns, lovely countryside for long rides, towering castles and a beautiful coast perfect for beach rides. On top of all that, Belgium is a horse country dotted with stables, trail outfitters and horse lovers. From the mighty Brabant or Belgian Draft Horse to the sporty Zangersheide or Belgian Sport Horse, you will find horses everywhere! So, if you are looking for a lesser known yet definitely super interesting horse riding holiday destination, listen to today’s episode!

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Horse Podcast Ep 154: A Quest to Ride Every Horse Breed in the World

There are around 400 different horse breeds in the world and Alyssa Mathews wants to ride them all! An Equestrian Adventuress from a young age on, she fascinated by different riding styles, breeds and types of horses. Finally, a couple of years ago, she started her quest Discover the Horse and travels through the USA and to other countries to ride and learn more about the breed, documenting her journey in her blog and on YouTube. Talking with Alyssa, made me yearn to travel again and discover all the different horse breeds and horse cultures of the world.

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Horse Podcast Ep 153: Road Safety – Horses on the Road

Road Safety, trail riding with your horses can be fun yet scary.  Today’s episode takes us down the road literally. We provide some tips and advice on how to safely ride down the road or across the road with your horse.  Knowing road safety will make your trail ride a much safer and enjoyable trip.  The phrase Be Seen to Be safe should be your mantra while out on the road.  Horses like bikes and cars have to share the road, so know the rules of your area before you head out.

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