Horse Podcast Ep 262: Horse Destination Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most famous holiday destinations in Europe and it is also a great country to discover on horseback. Famous for its cheese, chocolate and banks, Switzerland also has its own horse breed the Franches-Montagne or Freiberger and a beautiful and varied countryside from hills and meadows in the North and West to hight mountains in the South.

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Horse Podcast Ep 261: Wild Horses

Wild horses have roamed the planet for many years. It is believed that all horses alive today originated from a group of horses domesticated by humans around 5500 years ago. Wild horses have always been a symbol of freedom and adventure with a sense of romance In today’s podcast we learn the hierarchy of the herd, from how long that stallion stays to what happens to the colts and fillies. If you have never seen a wild horse in person there are lots of places in the USA and Canada where you can. 

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Horse Podcast Ep 260: The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

We are galloping through the years while celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the 2nd has a lifelong love of horses, and it shows during her 70 years on the throne celebration. From Parades, horse shows, and horse races horses are clearly the favorites of the Queen. The Queen Platinum Jubilee showcased her love of horses as almost every event had them. In today’s podcast, we cover the events and some of the special horses from her years as her royal highness.

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Horse Podcast Ep 259: New Zealand – Riding in Middle Earth

Ever since the screening of the Lord of the Rings movies by Peter Jackson, New Zealand’s South Island is on the map of travellers from all over the world. Horses offer an amazing way to discover the amazing mountain landscapes of what people associate with Middle Earth. In today’s podcast episode I am talking with Angie, who organises horse trails and rides on amazing Kiwi Station Horses on the South Island of New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud as it is known by the Maori, the native inhabitants of the country.

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Horse Podcast Ep 258: Trail Riding Portugal

Portugal is the dream for any horse rider, rolling hills and clear rivers, oak forest, rocks and tiny villages built from rough stones. Ute spent two weeks exploring continental Europe’s westernmost country and of course she went trail riding. Riding through Portugal together with long rider Cathleen Leonard, who has recently made Portugal her home and camping under the stars was a very special experience. In today’s podcast episode Cathleen talks about what it is like to move together with horses to another country and making it her home. We also chat about trail riding in Portugal and our ride together.

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Horse Podcast Ep 257: Horsemanship – Cowboy Dressage – Scandinavian Ponies

Horsemanship or should it be called horseladyship? This past weekend Heather attended a horsemanship clinic where many new techniques were shared and a few new muscles were found. While all levels of riders participated it was fascinating watching how each progressed.  From the young girl on the pony up to the experienced rider on their faithful equine partner. In today’s episode, Heather gives us the inside scoop on attending a horsemanship/cowboy dressage clinic. And like all of our great podcasts, she also shares with us some information on the Scandinavian breeds of horses.

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Horse Podcast Ep 256: Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone, whether you are a mom of a two-legged human or a four-legged fur baby, today is all about you.  Today’s episode honoring mother’s day, covers all the mom topics.  Did you just have a baby, or having a baby soon? Have your kids moved on and now you are ready to hit the trails again? or what about getting your kids to join you out on the trails. Heather shares with us how she returned to riding after her kids lost interest in riding. She also sneaks in some great riding destinations that you might just want to check out. So let’s celebrate a very happy Mother’s day with this special show.

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Horse Podcast Ep 255: Horse Country Ukraine

Horse Riding is a popular sport in the Ukraine, at least it was before the war. I had planned today’s interview weeks before the Russian attack and I had wanted to talk about how it is like to own and ride horses in this huge Eastern European country. The Ukraine is a perfect horse riding destination with a lot of unspoilt nature, hills and forests as well as huge plains. The war forced my interview partner to flee and pushed her life into turmoil. Today we can finally talk about horse riding in the Ukraine, also about what the war means for horse and stable owners and what it is like to wake up one day and realise that the country you live in, is being attacked by its neighbour.

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Horse Podcast Ep 254: Saved by Horses

If you love books, this is the perfect place for you. Once a month, Heather, Ute, and sometimes Krystal, will talk about their favorite horsey book. In today’s episode of the EQA Book Club, Ute is talking with Courtney Maum about her upcoming book The Year of the Horses. In this autobiography, Courtney tells the story of her depression and how she managed with the help of horses to slowly make her way back to a normal, healthy life.

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Horse Podcast Ep 253: Rescuing Horses in Mallorca

Mallorca is one of Europe’s top holiday destinations. The island is situated in the Mediterranean Sea and offers lovely beaches, lots of sunshine and pristine waters. Horses are only the toping of the cake. And yet Lizzie Graham has found them. Having lived in Mallorca for the last twenty years, she now works with rescue horses and helps in organising rides and trails over the island. Todays she shares her fascinating story with us and talks about Mallorca’s horse culture.

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