Horse Podcast Ep 213: Christmas ideas – For Every Adventuresses

Christmas ideas, that every equestrian will want this year! That is what the topic of today’s show is all about. From stocking stuffers dream gifts, wants vs needs gifts, we cover them all, and maybe even throw in a candle that smells like accidental dismount.  What’s on your Christmas idea list? do you circle items in the tack shop flyer? or leave subtle hints for your loved ones? A few suggestions that we share may include tickets, a gift certificate for a riding adventure, or maybe an online class or clinic. Make sure you have a listen to podcast #213 to hear all about our Christmas ideas.

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Horse Podcast Ep 212: Horse Nutrition – Feeding Oils & Oilseeds

In today’s episode Ute talks with Daniela Vadehra, endurance rider, horse breeder and nutritionist about feeding our horses oil or oilseeds. Every winter plenty of horse owners start adding oil to their horse’s diet without really knowing why. Daniela gives us a lot of background information on which oils or oilseeds to feed, which horses actually profit from it and which oils we should better avoid.

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Horse Podcast Ep 211: Self Care – Equestrians Taking Care

Self-care is defined as the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health. Sometimes equestrians forget about themselves and worry about their horse, lol. That being said today’s podcast is all about how we as adventuresses can learn more about self-care.

Heather shares some ideas on how you can embrace self-care, through exercise, trying a new discipline, planning an adventure on horseback, and doing a thorough inspection of your gear. Stay tuned to another great episode.

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Horse Podcast Ep 210: Travelling during the Corona Pandemic

In today’s podcast episode I am talking with two Equestrian Adventuresses their recent travelling experiences and how Corona has affected them personally. We talk about how their mode of travelling and choice of destination has or has not been changed, what precautions they have taken and what they personally can advise other travellers.

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Horse Podcast Ep 209: Portugal – Adventuresses in Destination

Portugal,  another bucket list trip to mark off the list. Heather is recently back from an amazing riding holiday in Portugal. Join Heather as she chats with Kari who both have just returned from a great gallop around Portugal. Hear stories of Lusitano stallions, riding in the dark, and even wardrobe malfunction. On today’s podcast, they share stories of new friendships,  picking meals, and hard beds. stay tuned.

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Horse Podcast Ep 208: Virtual Challenges – Covid Derby 2021

Today’s topic is Virtual Challenges and Competitions, something which has mushroomed since the beginning of the Corona pandemic almost two years ago. Since a lot of real life events had to be postponed or cancelled, virtual challenges and competitions have become a way to stay connected with the sport and the community and a big motivator to get into the saddle and ride. I was part of a team of six dedicated women from India and Germany participating in the 2021 Covid Derby, a 1000-km challenge. We managed to complete the distance in 27 days and finished in 6th place. Today I am talking with some of my team mates about our riding, the challenges we faced and the experiences we had. And of course asking the big question: Would we do it all again?

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Horse Podcast Ep 207: Working with Horses

Today I am talking with Sandra Schmid about doing farm work with horses. Ever since my carriage driving course this summer, I am hooked. I love the idea of ploughing with horses or bringing in timber with them. Sandra is doing all this and much more with the Irish Cobs Henry and Flora on her little farm in Western Ireland. She tells us today what a horse should know in order to work in harness and what else you can do.

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Horse Podcast Ep 206: Mounted Games – Not Just for Kids

Mounted games for those of us that are still kids at heart. Mounted games are a branch of equestrian sport in which fast games are played by people of all ages on ponies up to the height of 15 hands (60 inches or 152 cm). Participating in the Mounted Games requires a high degree of athletic ability, good riding skills, hand-eye coordination, and a competitive spirit. Join Heather as she introduces us to the world of Mounted games.

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Horse Podcast Ep 205: Fjord Horses – Small But Mighty

Small but mighty, the Fjord horse is one of the world’s oldest and purest breeds. Dated back to the Viking era the Fjord horses have been selectively bred for at least 2000 years. The fjord horses are strongly built. measuring between 13-14 hands, and fall into the 900 -1200 pound range. These mild-tempered horses are strong enough to plow the fields, sure-footed enough to climb mountains and still compete as a sport horse in combined driving. Join Heather as she more information on the Fjord horses genetic colouring and learn all about the breed and its uses. 

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Horse Podcast Ep 204: Endurance Riding in Australia

Today I am talking with Anna Erickson about Endurance riding in Australia. Anna has recently participated in the prestigious Tom Quilty Gold Cup, a 100 miles endurance race and the unofficial national endurance championship of the country. She tells us all about her experience and why this historic race is special. We also talk about Endurance riding in Australia in general and how it is like to travel more than 3000 km to join a ride.

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