Horse Podcast Ep 174: Gymnastics on Horseback – Vaulting your Next Adventure

Gymnastic on horseback, Equestrian Vaulting whatever you call it, is growing in popularity. Vaulting is an FEI disciple that has been spreading across the USA and Canada catching up with its European counterparts.  Today’s episode takes us through vaulting, from the very beginning to the master of the show. we learn about equipment, what horses are best suited, and some insiders tips. Join Heather as she chats with Trisha Dowling vaulting coach as we learn about gymnastics on horseback and the amazing adventures you can have in the world of vaulting.

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Horse Podcast Ep 173: Riding with your Spouse – Do you Dare?

Riding with your spouse,  are you up for the challenge? Riding with your spouse can be a great time if everyone is on the same page, however that doesn’t always work out.  Today’s episode talks all about the advantages and perhaps the disadvantages of riding with a spouse. Give and take is a common phrase in marriage and when it comes to riding it is great advice. If your partner is a beginner teaching them how to ride is a great way to spend time together. However, if they think they know more than you that can lead to arguments.  In our latest podcast, we share our live episode where all three of us share stories of riding with our spouse.

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Horse Podcast Ep 172: Exchanging My Saddle for a Harness

Today I am talking about my personal experiences learning how to carriage drive, fulfilling one of my long-standing equestrian dreams! I will tell you why I wanted to learn how to drive and how I went about to do it. And then of course I will let you know how it feels not to sit in the saddle and holding reins, but to sit in a buggy, holding lines. Exchanging my saddle for a harness was definitely a great experience but also a bit of an adventure into unknown territory.

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Horse Podcast Ep 171: Leather vs Biothane

In today’s podcast episode I am talking basics. Every horse owner and rider know his or her tack, be it saddles, bridles, breastplates or martingales. Traditionally they all are made from leather but a couple of years ago, a new material made its appearance: Biothane. Its an artificial material but it has greatly changed the world of horse riding with more durable and colourful tack. Today we discuss the pros and cons of both leather and biothane and what you need to know before buying it.

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Horse Podcast Ep 170: Texas – Our Next Where to Next Destination!

The lone star state of Texas is where the adventuresses are headed today. Cowboys, cattle drives, and quarter horses are just a few things you will find when going to Texas. There are 100’s of horse riding opportunities in Texas, with short trails to week-long cattle drives there is something for you. And don’t forget the amazing food you are going to eat, BBQ is on every corner as well as influences from the Mexican neighbors to the south.  Stay tuned for another great where-to next episode.

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Horse Podcast Ep 169: Equestrian Olympics Tokyo 2020

In today’s podcast episode we look back and talk about the recent Equestrian competitions at the Tokyo Olympics. Who won, who lost and above all, what were the stories behind the scenes. In short, we tell you all about the ups and downs, about our personal favourites and bring you all the juicy gossip of the Equestrian Olympics in Tokyo which had to be postponed for a whole year due to the Corona pandemic, but finally took place without spectators and some stringent rules for the athletes and team.

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Horse Podcast Ep 168: The Endurance Riding Vet

We hit the jackpot endurance riders! Not only is our guest today an Endurance rider she is also a vet, who is giving us the inside scoop on what the vets are looking for during the rest stops. The Endurance riding vet goes into detail about what they’re looking at for heart rates, respiration rates, lameness and stresses the importance of having a good working relationship with your vet so you can stay ahead of the problems. As part of our ask the vet series, we are fortunate to have Trisha Dowling join us. She comes with an extensive resume She is a professor with the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatchewan, focusing on pharmacology. She is an experience Endurance rider and marathon runner as well. Enjoy the show. 

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Horse Podcast Ep 167: Paso Fino – The Smoothest Horse in the World

Another episode of our Horse Breeds around the World Series. Today I am talking with Britta Mülle from Germany about her passion for Paso Fino Horses. This horse breed from Latin America is well-known for ist smooth gaits, elegant looks and gentle but spirited character. Popular in the show ring but also a great, sure-footed horse for the trail or for Endurance, the Paso Fino has found many friends and has a firm presence in the USA besides getting more numerous in Europe as well. So, listen to today’s episode to learn more about this very special Latino!

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Horse Podcast Ep 166: Weird Things That Happen Along the Trail!

Do you have a horse that has multiple personalities when out trail riding? What are some weird things that happen while you are out on the trail? Today’s episode is a recording of our live Facebook show where we discuss this funny and sometimes scary topic. Horses I think, like to test us with doing weird things along the trail, like being terrified of water, then splashing through the creek a mile down the trail.  Or leap over a branch like it a six-foot jump. you just never know what they are going to do. Horses are a funny bunch, enjoy the show.

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Horse Podcast Ep 165: Riding Mules in Peru

Today, our podcast travels to Peru to talk about a very interesting topic: Mules. Sometimes called “the better horse”, mules are definitely different from our more common equine friends and they require a bit more care in riding and handling. They reward you with an exceptional strength, sure-footedness and hardiness on the trail. I am talking with Kyd Campbell who rides and trains mules in Peru. She is the perfect person to tell us all about mules and hinnies, their character and their training.

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