Horse Podcast Ep 279: Horse Facts – Did You Know!

How many cool horse facts do you know? Do you know how many breeds there are? Or how do you measure a horse, what exactly is a hand?  These are just a few cool horse facts you will learn about in today’s EQA #279. Did you know that a race horses birthday is determined by which side of the equator it is born on?  Other interesting horse facts include which is the most popular breed or the most famous. And lastly, we discuss the importance of horses in the mental health world.

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Horse Podcast Ep 278: Integrating a New Horse in the Herd

One of the biggest tensions of horse owners is usually when they move stables with their horses or buy a new horse and need to integrate him into their herd. This process can take weeks or even months and can include injuries and worries for the stable and horse owners. In today’s podcast episode I want to talk about a few strategies which can make integration easier and share some tips and share some tips and tricks to avoid injuries.

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Horse Podcast Ep 277: Horse Colors – The Science Behind It

Do you know how many different horse colors there are? In today’s EQA # 277 we dive into the A’s, B’s, and C’s of horse colors.  The genetics behind horse colors come in two primary equine color pigments.  These two horse colors are essentially red and black, however, each pigment can be modified by other genes.  Horse colors also come in many different shades for example with Bays you can have, Blood Bay, Bay Roan, Silver Bay, and even Bay Dun. Then you have the Chestnut or Sorrel which come in different shades of red. The genetics of a horse’s color coat is important for understanding the heritability that could benefit the breeding decision.

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Horse Podcast Ep 276: TREC – Orienteering for Riders

TREC is a little known equestrian discipline which is all about orienteering and testing your skill as a trail rider. In today’s podcast episode I am talking with Kirsty Adams who is an expert, competing internationally on the British team and who tells us all about TREC and why she loves it.

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Horse Podcast Ep 275: Rodeo – The Best of Them All

How many rodeos have you been to? Have you attended any of the big eight in the world? Did you know that rodeo is the official state sport in Wyoming, South Dakota, and Texas? The province of Alberta is also looking to pass legislation that will make Rodeo their official sport. In today’s EQA # 275 we are talking about the top rodeo in the world, from the USA and Canada all the way to France. These aren’t your small-town rodeos either these are major productions with not only rodeo events but full-scale stock shows, wild west shows, concerts much more. We learn it all from the attendees to the hundreds of volunteers that make these events happen. From January to December there are lots of rodeos to attend.

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Horse Podcast Ep 274: Horse Destination Austria

Austria is a small country in the heart of Europe associated with high mountains, cow bells and Apple Strudel. Despite its size, it is a super destination for travellers and horse riders with an amazing variety of landscapes, several indigenous horse breeds and an glorious culture and history. Ride through the fascinating Alpine landscape of Central or Western Austria or the sweeping Pannonia steppe situated in the east and stretching into Hungary, visit some of Europe’s most beautiful cities or enjoy Austria’s amazing culture, music or cuisine. Austria has something to offer for everyone!

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Horse Podcast Ep 273: Fall Riding

Don’t you just love the sound of the leaves during the fall riding season? The trees are turning beautiful autumn shades, with oranges, reds, and yellow leaves. I enjoy fall riding as the temperatures are a little cooler and it feels like the last escape before winter.  Fall riding also brings the wrap-up of lots of different riding opportunities, such as hunts, clinics, and the show season. The fall is the best time to start planning your next year’s adventure. Join us in EQA # 273 as we discuss Fall riding ideas and the things you should take care of before fall ends.

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Horse Podcast Ep 272: Working with Horses Around the World

Who has not dreamed about working with horses around the world? Cantering an Arabian horse through the desert or guiding a trail ride through the African bush? Sanne has done it all and writes a blog about her experiences. Today she talks with Ute about how to find jobs and opportunities to ride and work with horses abroad and how you can earn money while travelling.

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Horse Podcast Ep 271: Breaking In New Boots!

Have you wondered the best way to break in new boots?  There are 3 main factors that go into stretching and softening the leather, gentle pressure, heat, and moisture. all vital to breaking in some new boots. The heat of summer can sometimes speed up this process. Most importantly starting with the correct size is key, boots that properly fit are an essential piece of your gear. Sizes can vary by brand so it is best to try them on first before buying. In today’s EQA #271 Heather shares some great advice and tips for breaking in new boots.

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Horse Podcast Ep 270: Pony Hiking for Refugees

Sue Manning had a very special adventure. This summer she hiked the Cairngorms with her pony Kirsty as pack horse, covering 200 miles in about a month. And not only did she have fun travelling this way, she also did it for a good cause, collecting money for the Red Cross Campaign “Miles for Refugees 2022”. In today’s podcast episode she talks about all her adventures, her highs and lows and why she decided to hike with her pony.

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