Horse Podcast Ep 203: Wild Horses – Canadian Edition

Have you ever wondered where the wild horses actually came from? Today’s podcast takes us on a journey into the mysterious world of wild horses. In today’s episode, we look at the Canadian brand and the areas they live in. This will start a series where we look at Wild horses from all around the world.  We will learn about how they are monitored, protected, what they look like, and some other interesting facts. Stay tuned as we learn about the wild horses of the world.

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Horse Podcast Ep 202: The Making of a Trail Horse

People often say “It’s just a trail horse!” which implies that a trail horse is a horse which can only walk straight and nothing else. It could not be further from the truth. A good trail horse is light and responsive and a good trail horse is confident and trusts in its rider. But above all, a good trail horse is bomb-proof. Today I am talking about my experiences training young horses for the trail and how to get them bomb proof!

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Horse Podcast Ep 201: Riding Boots – Essential Gear

What kind of riding boots do you wear? If you are an English rider are there a pair of tall boots in your closet? perhaps a short pair of paddock boots. Now a western rider probably has a couple of pairs, one for riding and one for going to town. Do you prefer the classic or are you more of a roper wearer? Join Ute and Heather in today’s podcast as the cover off Riding Boots your essential gear.

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Horse Podcast Ep 200: An Endurance Riding Tale for Young Adults & Young at Heart

If you love books, this is the perfect place for you. Once a month, Heather, Ute, and sometimes Krystal, will talk about their favorite horsey book. In today’s episode of the EQA Book Club, Ute is talking with Claire Eckard about her book GallantThe Call of the Trail, a story of a young girl and her horse. The book is modelled loosely on the life of Julie Suhr, a legend among American Endurance Riders with 22 Tevis Cup Buckles and three times Haggin Cup winner. It has been written for young adults, buts its strong endurance riding angle and simple but strong language makes it a joy to read for every horse lover and endurance rider out there.

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Horse Podcast Ep 199: Tales from the Life of a Horse Breeder

In today’s podcast episode I am talking about my recent experiences as a horse breeder. We have always had some foals here and there, breeding our own safari horses. But never more than two or maximum three in the same year. This year we got five, so there is plenty of work. Night watches, midwife duties and kindergarten have been my daily life this summer. Now finally all foals are there and I am getting them used to being handled, haltered and groomed. Life is definitely going to be busy for the next couple of months! Join me today as I talk about birthing, the handling of young foals and the responsibilities of a horse breeder!

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Horse Podcast Ep 198: Tales from the Trail

In today’s podcast episode I am talking about the activity most of as have missed the most during the last months: Trail riding! Riding horses in foreign countries, through deserts, mountains or plains. Discovering new cultures and making new friends. Who has not missed all this? Together with my guest Susan Wirth, we are swapping some of our favourite stories from riding in different places, be it Sicily, Morocco, India or Albania. Crazy stories, funny stories and treasured memories, today we bring you tales from the trail!

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Horse Podcast Ep 197: Living & Riding in Kyrgyzstan

Today we virtually visit a very special country in Central Asia: Kyrgyzstan. Situated at the crossroads of the Silk Road and squeezed between ancient empires, it boasts of a fascinating horse culture. Helene from France has made Kyrgyzstan her home and has lived there for more than 20 years, owning around 50 horses. She helped Ashley and her partner organise a 3-month ride across the country. Both women are joining me in today’s podcast episode to talk about their experiences of living and riding in Kyrgyzstan.

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Horse Podcast Ep 196: Adventuresses-Catching Up

Hello Adventuresses, Heather and Ute took over the podcast to share with you a catch-up episode on all the fun things they have going on. Being an adventuress has many hats! For example, Ute has been acting as a midwife these past few weeks, while her mares have been in foaling season. A new little colt arrived shortly after we recorded this episode. I have also kept busy with planning a riding adventure and opening a new travel agency. Check out EQA # 196 catching up with the adventuresses.

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Horse Podcast Ep 195: Tipping – Do you know the Etiquette?

Tipping, how much, how often, should you… Today’s podcast is all about tipping and the etiquette around it. This has to be the number one question that always comes up in discussion involving horse adventures.   Anytime you receive a service tipping comes into play, whether it is your hairdresser, the guy that fills your car, or the amazing guide on your horse adventure. Doing some pre-trip research will allow you to know what that countries policy is, how much is considered appropriate, and how it varies from country to country.

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Horse Podcast Ep 194: Fall Hunts – the Original Fox Hunting Tradition

The Fall Hunts or Fox-Hunts, a tradition dating back almost 500 years. The British were the originals to start the tradition of Fox hunting of riding horseback while hounds chased down the foxes who were killing the livestock.  Now in current times, the annual Fox Hunts have changed from actually hunting a fox to more of an opportunity for like-minded friends to get together with their horses for an afternoon of riding. Fall hunts – the original fox hunting tradition still exist from the early days of what clothing attire is required, the style of riding, and the rules of the field. Fall Fox Hunts are a great way to enjoy an afternoon of field cantering and cross country jumping before the winter snow takes over.

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