Horse Podcast Ep 92: The Search For My Next Unicorn!

The search for my next Unicorn, that how she started the ad. Our very own podcasting adventuress is searching for her next Unicorn. In EQA podcast #92 Heather takes us on the journey to finding that perfect horse. Using social media and her friendship network she has open pandora’s box to see what she can find.  She shares with us the high and lows of searching for your next equine best friend. While on this journey Heather receives some advice that helps define search, there are lots of ponies out there, now to find the perfect match. 

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Horse Riding in Germany at the Old Eastern German Border

After crossing Ireland on horseback, en route to our next adventure, my husband and I managed to find ourselves stuck in Germany due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Christian, my husband, is from Germany. So in today’s article we explore the place where he grew up. And we find out why a big ugly fence almost kept him and I apart forever. You’re gonna learn a lot of history! And you’re going to see something from horseback which really no one has done before! Be sure to check out our adventure of horse riding in Germany along the Iron Curtain.

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Horse Podcast Ep 91: A World Full of Horses – The Shetland Islands

On today’s episode, Ute speaks with Christiane Slawik, one of the most famous equestrian photographers of Germany. Christiane has travelled all over the world to photograph horses and she is one of the few who can live from her work. Her photos appear in many different horse books, magazines and calendars internationally. In 2019 she published her latest book “A World Full of Horses” describing her travels and of course featuring many of her best photos. Today we talk about the next chapter in her book which talks about her journey to the Shetland Islands and her encounter with the incredibly cute Shetland Ponies on Great Britain’s northernmost outpost. Christiane discloses her secret love for ponies and tells us all the adventures she had on her trip besides passing on some cool information about the Shetland ponies and their homeland. Like what you do, when you want to make some water shots in a 12-degree Celsius cold ocean and why a real Viking man comes real handy!

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Horse Podcast Ep 90: How High Can You Jump?

How high can you jump ? now add side saddle to that challenge! In todays episode Heather is speaking with Susan Oakes Guiness world record holder for jumping 6’8″ (2.07m) side saddle. Yes you read that correct she cleared a 6’8″ wall sitting side saddle. This wasn’t an easy feat to accomplish. Susan spent many hours over 2 years in the saddle on multiple horses and trying over 40 different side saddles to complete this task. Even after that it took over 7 years  for Guinness to verify this record this result. Susan accomplishments are not only with side saddle riding, she has successfully competed in showing and eventing as well her love for hunting. Have a listen to our latest podcast where we will hear all about her journey.

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Horse Podcast Ep 89: The Great Trek – Riding Across the USA

On today’s episode, Ute talks with Kathleen Schmitt, Equestrian Adventuress of the first hour. After finishing her education including horsemanship training in England and Germany, Kathleen headed off to her personal adventure of a lifetime. She crossed the USA from coast to coast on the back of her Arabian part-bred Murphy accompanied by her dog Country Boy who went along as her protector. This ride took place in 1981, a time without internet, mobile phones or hand-held GPS devises. Kathleen only had an unreliable map and a direction: West! She was on trail for seven months, crossing mountains, plains and deserts. She met countless people on the ride, got lost ever so often and finally published a book about her ride recently. We talk about her ride, about her book and why it took her such a long time to write it.

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Where do Lipizzaner horses come from?

Hello Adventuresses! This article is going to be about my experience riding Lipizzaner horses in Slovenia. While filming a portion of the Equestrian Adventuresses documentary series in Slovenia, I headed to the Italian border to visit Lipica stud farm. Read on to join me on a true dream come true and find out where Lipizzaner horses really come from!

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Horse Podcast Ep 88: You Can’t Go Wrong With An Action Camera!

Today’s episode is filled with information on Follow and Action Cameras. Ute and Heather take on the Techy side of riding again with a detailed review of action and follow cameras.  EQA podcast #88 is filled with information that you need to hear about. From cameras you mount on your helmet to robotic systems that will help you record your lessons, training sessions and your adventures along the trail. If you want to live stream we’ve got you covered, and don’t forget the cameras that can help you keep an eye on your special cargo in your trailer.

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Horse Podcast Ep 87: Your Horse is Always Talking, Are you Listening?

Today’s episode is all about making your horse comfortable. Heather speaks with Linda Hauck owner and operator of Tapestry Equine Products about her inventions that are making a difference in the horse world.  Linda shares her journey on why and how she came up with such items as the Spursuader and the Tapestry Comfort Girth. Linda has had a very successful career of 40+ years working with horses in many disciplines. During her career she noticed  some  horses having a negative reaction to spurs and girth.   This lead her to the invention and patent  of the spursuader and the comfort girt.  Please continue to submit your questions and topics for future show ideas.

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Horse Podcast Ep 86: The EQA Book Club: Your Next Favourite Book

The January episode of the EQA book club. If you love books, this is the perfect place for you. Once a month, Heather, Ute and sometimes Krystal, will talk about their favourite horsey book. Today Ute introduces the book “For the Love of Horses” by Kelly Wilson, a horse trainer, photographer and writer from New Zealand. The book is an autobiography and tells the story of the Wilson Sisters and their journey to save the wild Kaimanawa horses. As a bonus feature, Ute has spoken to the author about her book and Kelly Wilson tells as a lot about the background of her story and how she managed to get her first book published. Many more have followed ever since and Kelly Wilson is today a well-known author and photographer, having written a total of sixteen books.

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An Unforgettable Horse Riding Trip in Mongolia

Eva Zu Bek is a professional traveler. She has built a social media following of over 1 million people strong by traveling to remote, unusual places and sharing the beauty of each of these places with the world. Her love of horses has guided some of these choices, including a solo horse riding trip in a natural park in Mongolia. This trip, which turned out to be the most transformational experience of her life, did not pan out as expected.

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