Best Horse Riding Boots Review: For Trail, Endurance and Long Distance

Which riding boots should you be wearing for equestrian adventures? I share Krystal Kelly’s personal opinions on what has and hasn’t worked for her. Will we finally settle the debate between short or tall boots? Find out in this best horse riding boots review!

Horse Riding In Romania: Dreams Become Reality

Sarah grew up loving horses and dreamed of adventures in the wild, her imagination fed by family camping trips all over Britain. Growing up in the city it was never possible to own a horse, but her daydreams became reality in the summer of 2009 when she found her dream trip horse riding in Romania.

A Mongolian Horse Race: 7 Tips For Survival

Maybe you’re curious about entering or just wondering how competitors survive the world’s longest and toughest horse race. Either way, you need to read the following tips! We’ve got gear suggestions, emergency snack ideas and what to do if you’re a woman in the middle of a Mongolian horse race mounted on a crazy steed.Continue reading “A Mongolian Horse Race: 7 Tips For Survival”

2023 Endurance Race on Criollo Horses in Brazil – Compete with Gauchos!

Imagine if you had the chance to race on horseback in the Naadam against the locals in Mongolia? The “Marcha de Resistência” is one of the LONGEST endurance competitions in the world. It takes place every year for competitors in Brazil and a few other South American nations. The event takes place over 15 daysContinue reading “2023 Endurance Race on Criollo Horses in Brazil – Compete with Gauchos!”