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Our Equestrian Adventuresses Horse and Travel Podcast features outstanding equestrian women and their amazing and inspiring stories about horses, travel and adventure.

  • Hear about crazy journeys on horseback in unique destinations
  • Listen to the stories of powerful women starting their own equine businesses
  • Learn about the problems they faced and how they solved them
  • Follow them on their journeys to parts of the world where horse riding still is a very male dominated sport and industry
  • See how our fellow Adventuresses are changing the mindset and atmosphere in these places.

The episodes of our horse and travel podcast are about one hour long. Every episode has detailed show notes with contact information to reach out to our guest. There, we also provide a list of resources with additional links and information for each podcast episode.

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EQA Podcast Ep 1 Colombia

In today’s episode I talk to Kat from the U.K. who shares how she left her job in London at a bank to move to Colombia. She plays polo and goes on horse treks across the beautiful countryside and even fell in love with a Mule! (Something she never thought she would ride in her lifetime, let alone adore!) Kat also shares an adventurous story with us about the time she nearly had a run in with Pirates! So listen up, you’re not going to want to miss this one!

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