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The Equestrian Adventuresses community shares essential information and resources about how to find the best adventures on horseback, how to prepare and how to stay safe! Whether it is your first time travelling or whether you are a seasoned traveler, you will find advice for national and international travel with horses.

Furthermore you can find tips and tricks to select the right gear for various levels of craziness of your trip:

If you miss some equipment or tips which make every of your own adventures a success story, please share with our community and contact us. We would love to add your wisdom to our resources!

Horse Travel Book List – 44 Inspirational Adventure Books

We asked adventuresses in our Facebook Group to list their favorite horse travel books and this is what they came up with: 44 must-read inspirational adventure books! If you’re looking for ideas for your next horse adventure or long distance horse riding trip, you’ve come to the right place! This is the Ultimate Horse Travel Adventure Books List – a guide to great adventure!

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Mongol Derby Packing List

If you’ve signed up for the Mongol Derby, the “world’s longest and toughest horse race” spanning 1,000 kilometers on semi-wild Mongolian horses, then you might be experiencing a bit of panic over what to pack for the Mongol Derby. After all, you’re only allowed 5 kg worth of gear! That’s not much considering you’ll be on your own (mostly) for 7-10 days in the middle of the Mongolian steppes. Don’t worry, with our handy Mongol Derby Packing List, you’ve got one less thing you need worry about!

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Horse Riding in Every Country

We have worked hard to dig deep and find horse trail riding stables, polo clubs and equestrian travel agencies around the world for you to book your next horse vacation, seek volunteer / working positions, go on adventures with and more! The result is a Horse Riding Catalog with listings in (almost) Every Country in the World! And the best thing is: You can download it for free.

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Essential Packing List For Your Next Equine Adventure

40+ Travel “Must-Haves” recommended by Adventuresses around the World! They shared their knowledge and experience to create a unique horse riding gear list for your long distance horse travels! Our ultimate Packing List for Equine Adventures will prepare you perfectly for your next big ride.

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