Category: Responsible Tourism / Welfare

Responsible tourism and horse welfare are key concerns of the Equestrian Adventuresses community. We report about fellow Adventuresses and their projects to improve these topics all over the world. Learn about exciting concepts to improve horse welfare and the impact of tourism. Find out about the people who make a difference and the struggles they face. Our mission is to educate locals in natural horsemanship and horse care and improving the equine sport around the globe.

A Foal in Vietnam

Russian born adventuress, Ksenia always dreamed of moving to a sunny, beach paradise. Her dream came true when she moved abroad to live in Vietnam, but she soon realized that her paradise dream came with a price. Horses in Vietnam were not very common or in poor health. How could she settle in a country without horses? How would she find a vet or farrier? What if she needed supplies which did not exist there? Would her love of horses have to disappear forever? Or would it be possible to turn her beach life into a true paradise?

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Discover a Natural Horsemanship Center in India Created by a Woman

When Charlotte moved to India, she rescued a Marwari horse that would catapult her life onto a newfound path. She would go on to introduce bitless riding at competitions and educate people about horse welfare in India. This finally led to one of the first natural horsemanship programs in India.

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EQA Interview with Julie Veloo on Learning to Ride in Mongolia

Julie shares her experience learning to ride in Mongolia at the age of 50. Not only did she find a new passion, but also a new mission in life. Consequently she went on to become the VP of a Charity helping Mongolian kids and created the Gobi Gallop.

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