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Climbing a pass in the Mountains of Heaven, Kyrgyzstan at 4000m above sea level
Climbing to 4000 m above sea level (13.000 feet) Mountains of Heaven, Kyrgyzstan. Photo Credits: Aga Karmol

We are looking for contributors!

If you have a cool equine adventures story to tell or want to write an article for us here are a few topics we are constantly on the lookout for:

  • Featured Adventuress Interviews
  • Short Stories
  • Unique Destinations
  • Responsible Tourism / Horse Charities Abroad Featured Articles
  • Inspirational “Overcoming the Odds” Articles
  • How To’s (Packing Lists, Educational Pieces etc.)
  • Horses Around the World Features
  • Anything Creative that is related to horses and travel or adventure for women!


  • 2000 Words (roughly) and not more than 3500 words
  • Professionally written pieces ONLY. We do not accept “blog-style” writing (for example, “I went here and then I did this and then that…” )
  • The article has to be original. We do not accept articles which are already published elsewhere (online or offline).
  • Please check your spelling and grammar BEFORE submitting
  • Due to the volume of requests, our editors can only help with minor feedback to improve your articles. If your article wasn’t accepted due to mistakes, feel free to re-write and correct them and submit your articles again.
  • Photos to accompany the articles must be edited so that they are less than 1GB in size and are good quality, lighting and sharpness. Edited photos are accepted. Please include captions to your photos including location. Photos must not have persons faces which you do not have permission to share so please only submit photos to us which you own and have permission to use.
  • Our articles have a certain “tone” which we like to capture. Please browse similar articles to that which you wish to submit to get a feel for the voice you should write your story or article.

All submissions will be considered, however not all can be accepted. If your article is accepted you will be asked to give a link to your website or social media account for us to post with your article. You will also be listed as an Author for the article. Regular contributors may get recognized as regular authors and will be asked for an avatar and short bio to include in our authors section.

“Thank you for wanting to contribute to Equestrian Adventuresses! We look forward to reading your stories, posts and articles!” -CEO Krystal Kelly

All Submissions to be sent to our Chief Editor. More info on the Contact Us Page.

We also publish a book series known as the Equestrian Adventuresses Book Series. If you are interested in contributing a story for our next book in the series please get in touch.

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