Horse Series

Equestrian Adventuresses travels the world on horseback sharing empowering women’s stories along the way. Explore hidden destinations, and learn about the history and culture from the back of a horse. This horse series will take you to exotic countries and destinations and inspire and empower women and girls of all ages to follow their dreams. Travel with us to Greece, Greenland, Bhutan, Brazil, Slovenia and more.

Embark with Krystal and Christian as they take their horses from England to Ireland. They travel on horseback unsupported on a long ride of about 600 miles. With nothing but a couple of saddlebags and a few basic belongings they ride from the south to the north of Ireland relying on total strangers to help them on their quest. Journey through the beautiful Irish countryside and learn about the history and culture from horseback.

Enjoy watching the only horse series that travels around the globe to unique destinations in order to empower and inspire others to travel on horseback. Follow long riders cross-country travels, get to know the culture and people behind the scenes and enjoy the stunning landscapes from between the horses ears.

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