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We Want You to Explore the World

At Equestrian Adventuresses, it is our goal to support and inspire women to travel the world on horseback. This is done by building a strong bond between travelers and stables all over the world as well as providing tips and advice for fellow adventuresses. Over the years we created several online courses about topics we consider most important for (solo) female travelers. We want you to explore every part of the world and we want you to do it safe and confident, so you get the most out of your experience.

Whatever You Do, Look Amazing Doing It!

We keep adding to our Equestrian Adventuresses apparel line to provide you some practical clothing for your adventures and show the world that you are part of the tribe!

The EQA Fund Supports the Community

A percentage of our profits go to the EQA fund which supports horse welfare and women empowerment projects in different countries as well as horse related startup businesses which are run by women all over the world.

Our Products for You to Shop:

Online Courses for Traveling Adventuresses

Haggling 101

How to Haggle Like a Local – Negotiate Like a PRO!

Master your Negotiation Skills with these travel hacks which will save you MONEY! Don’t just play the game. Win it!

Link to Online Course: How to Haggle Like a Local - Negotiate Like a PRO!

Avoiding Travel Scams


This Course includes travel advice on avoiding scams all around the world. You will learn how to spot a con artist and SAVE MONEY by not getting swindled.

Course with travel advice on avoiding scams around the world and how to spot con artists

Equestrian Adventuresses Apparel

We want to provide useful, practical and stylish clothing for any adventure! Let the world know that you are part of the tribe with our branded clothing. Shop now!

Stylish shirts and comfortable hoodies are available in the Equestrian Adventuresses shop
Two Equestrian Adventuresses giving a high five on horseback looking into the distance on a Greek island
“Adventuresses Unite!” Photo Credits: Christian Vogler