Equestrian Jewelry Collection

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Our Pieces: Equestrian Jewelry Bracelet | Equestrian Jewelry Necklace

Why We Created Our Own Equestrian Jewelry Collection

Our Equestrian Jewelry Collection represents strength and unity between all the adventuress sisters of the world. We are grateful to have found an amazing partnership with the UK-based jewelry maker Silver Steed to be able to provide our beautiful bracelets and necklaces to you!

No matter how far we dare to go on our solo adventures, or whether our riding explorations take place outside our own backyard, the symbolism of women banding together from far and wide sharing their passion for horses and adventure stands strong. The logo for Equestrian Adventuresses is simple and elegant. A lone woman galloping her horse around the world. She is fearless, courageous, adventurous, unstoppable and free. She let’s nothing and no one stand in her path and she is not afraid to go where others dare not.

The Equestrian Adventuresses Jewelry Collection - Bracelets, Pendants and Necklaces
The Equestrian Adventuresses Jewelry Collection

A Powerful Tribe

Asked for her inspiration to create the jewelry collection, Equestrian Adventuresses founder Krystal Kelly, explains: “While traveling on my own personal equestrian adventures while working overseas with horses in countries such as India, Egypt, Romania, Bhutan, Belgium and others, I realized how important it was to have a feeling of community with other adventuresses with similar passions. Although traveling solo for 10 years working with horses, I desperately wanted to bring together like minded individuals to connect with, share travel experiences and share resources with.”

Femininity, Beauty and Strong Independence

Krystal always believed that being a strong woman doesn’t mean giving up your femininity. She loves the color pink. She also loves riding fast cars, sports and clothes with pockets. By teaming up with UK-based jewelry maker Silver Steed, we were able to create a collection of elegant silver bracelets and necklaces to capture both the femininity, beauty and strong independence of the equestrian woman who loves to travel on horseback.

Outstanding Quality

Each of the jewelry pieces is hand-made by Silver Steed, which makes every piece unique. Furthermore the jewelry comes with the following features:

  • Our 925 sterling silver logo is a lifetime quality piece
  • Shipping worldwide

The Equestrian Woman Bracelet

You can carry the Adventuress motif on your wrist with our beautiful equestrian woman bracelet. The globe has diameter of ca. 1.5 cm (5/8″). The silver charm is held by a sturdy thread which is adjustable to fit all Adventuresses needs. The diameter can be varied from 4.5 to 6.5 cm (1 3/4″ to 2 1/2″) which results in a circumference from 14 to 20 cm (5 1/2″ to 8″). You can choose between 5 outstanding colors: lightning blue, royal blue, silver, black, brown.

  • All Bracelets in the Equestrian Jewelry Collection in all 5 colors
  • Our Lighting Blue Silver Bracelet during testing in a 750km endurance race.
  • The Lighting Blue Equestrian Woman Bracelet resting on a traditional leather saddle
  • The Royal Blue Bracelet on a traditional leather saddle
  • The Silver Equestrian Woman Bracelet shown on a rustic saddle
  • The Black Bracelet presented on a rustic leather saddle
  • The Brown Equestrian Woman Bracelet presented on a leather saddle
  • All Silver Sterling Equestrian Bracelets in 5 colors
  • This Sterling Silver Equestrian Jewelry piece is presented on a wooden post with competing riders in the background
  • The whole collection of Equestrian Woman Bracelets

The Equestrian Woman Necklace

The beautiful Adventuresses motif is also available as a necklace. In this case, the pendant comes in the same size as on the bracelet. Furthermore, the length of the silver chain can be selected as 16″ or 18″. Usually two options of chains are available:

  • The thinner chain gives the necklace a very elegant and classy appearance. Therefore, it could be easily worn with a ballroom or evening dress. Storing and handling this chain needs some attention to avoid kinks which is why we have conveniently packaged it in a protective and stylish case for you. We wouldn’t recommend to wear this on a hardcore outdoor adventure like the Mongol Derby or the Marcha in South America, but rather the prize giving after parties and shindigs celebrating your victories.
  • The slightly thicker chain is much more flexible and robust. It can be handled and transported easily and therefore qualifies for the more extreme adventures out there. With this necklace you can ride hard in the day and sparkle at night!

Please let the team at Silver Steed know which style of silver chain you prefer, as availability may vary.

  • Adventuresses Necklace with the thick chain in stylish shipping box
  • Adventuresses Necklace with a thin chain in shipping box
  • Equestrian Adventuresses Necklace with the thick chain
  • Equestrian Jewelry Necklace with a thin chain in shipping box

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