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In Africa you can find unique horse riding adventures! Big-5 safaris, gallops through the desert and stunning landscapes like the Wild Coast are just a few examples. This page lists all our articles about Africa. We hope with the that information, you’ll find inspiration and the resources to plan your next horse riding adventure in Africa. Our fellow horse enthusiasts in the Equestrian Adventuresses community share stories and provide information about horseback riding, equine culture and equestrian programs on the world’s second largest continent. Explore the cradle of humankind – on horseback!

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Riding into the Sunset in the African Bush

When Claudia, mother of 4, decided to go on a much-needed R&R retreat away from the family, she found herself in the African bush on the back of a horse witnessing lions, black rhinos and elephants and joining a Superhero team. Now nearly a decade later, she recaptures stories of coming face-to-face with a charging black rhino, the remarkable bravery of the well-trained safari horses and her adventures with her family. A horse riding safari in South Africa had changed her life.

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