Horse Podcast Ep 53: Ask Your Vet – Cloning Horses

Another episode with Adriana and Ute. Today they talk about the recent birth of a cloned Przewalski horse and how cloning of horses is done. Adriana who has done a lot of reproductive medicine in horses tells us the different steps involved, how difficult and expensive it is and we discuss the question whether itContinue reading “Horse Podcast Ep 53: Ask Your Vet – Cloning Horses”

Equine Industry: Interviews with Empowered Women

We interview empowered women working in the equine industry. We talk about their amazing accomplishments with horses in a male dominated country. We want to show women around the world the different types of jobs they can do with horses, because we need more women “holding the reins” and being in charge for a change! 

Horse Podcast Ep 37: Ask your Vet

Today, Ute is talking to Adriana, a Horse Vet from Brazil who will be on the show regularly answering all Vet related questions and giving tips on the health and well-being of horses. In this intro episode she tells a little bit about her life as a horse vet in Brazil, her studies in Germany, herContinue reading “Horse Podcast Ep 37: Ask your Vet”

2021 Endurance Race on Criollo Horses in Brazil – Compete with Gauchos!

Imagine if you had the chance to race on horseback in the Naadam against the locals in Mongolia? The “Marcha de Resistência” is one of the LONGEST endurance competitions in the world. It takes place every year for competitors in Brazil and a few other South American nations. The event takes place over 15 daysContinue reading “2021 Endurance Race on Criollo Horses in Brazil – Compete with Gauchos!”

EQA Podcast Ep 8 Brazil

One adventuress shares her experience riding as a woman in the “Marcha de Resistência” – a 750 km endurance race on criollo horses. She shares facts and information about the race and the horses. Furthermore, you’ll hear some interesting stories about her adventures in Brazil, Switzerland and as an equine vet.

First Woman to Win the Marcha in Brazil – A 750km Race on Criollo Horses

We interviewed two Equestrian Adventuresses about the “Marcha da Resistência” on a Criollo Horse in Brazil. Here’s what they revealed about one of the longest distance horse endurance races in the world, 750 kilometers in all weather conditions over 15 days.

Galloping the Coconut Trail in Brazil

Equestrian Adventuress Hebe explores remote places for horse riding in Brazil. On Boipeba island she discovers a beach perfect for galloping. The only problem was that her riding companions hadn’t been fully honest about their riding skills. This leads to slight chaos when combined with the right (or wrong?) horses. But in the end… well,Continue reading “Galloping the Coconut Trail in Brazil”