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The Equestrian Adventuresses community shares stories and information about horseback riding, equine culture and equestrian programs in Chile, South America. It’s famous for the hardy gauchos and gauchas and the beautiful Andes mountain range. Find out yourself!

Endurance Riding in Chile

Equestrian Adventuress Hebe shares how she found her passion for endurance riding while working in Patagonia, Chile. Near the tip of the continent of South America she developed her new passion and became involved in this great sport! But would she be able to keep up with the Gauchos?

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Life as a Gaucha

When Aussie girl Hebe decided to move to Chile to volunteer and live the life of a Gaucha, she had no idea what she had signed up for. Apart from the daily chores of her new Gaucha life she also had some great adventures; including her own “Man from Snowy River” moment galloping headlong down a steep and rocky mountain.

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