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The Equestrian Adventuresses community shares stories and information about how to boost your confidence and how to get back in the saddle after a setback. You can also learn from fellow travelers how to confidently travel solo, explore new destinations and prepare yourself for the next even bigger adventures.

How Endurance Riding Healed Me

Equestrian Adventuress Sarah found inner healing with horses and gained confidence to explore the world and move to Spain. It all started with endurance riding.

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Regaining My Confidence by Riding a Mule in Germany

Over many years Sari’s confidence slowly diminished until a bolting mule took what was left of it away. She was terrified of riding a mule when she got invited to attend a mule gathering in Germany. Sari had a million reasons why she couldn’t (and shouldn’t) go, but that didn’t stop her! She knew: The only real challenges she had to overcome were the ones in her head!

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