How To Go Horse Riding In Egypt

We are going to be sharing why Egypt needs to be on your horse riding bucket list, some travel tips and highlights that you don’t want to miss as well as of course where you can actually ride and book your trip to ride horses in Egypt.

EQA Podcast Ep 20 Marriage Proposals in Egypt & Adventures in a Rally Car

Today is a special episode, as we got the rare chance of interviewing Krystal Kelly, FEI II coach and founder of Equestrian Adventuresses. Krystal is always busy and planning new activities for the EQA community whether it is her book series or films about horse travel in different countries. So here she is, finally talkingContinue reading “EQA Podcast Ep 20 Marriage Proposals in Egypt & Adventures in a Rally Car”

EQA Podcast Ep 13 Bosnia, Egypt & South Africa

In today’s episode we talk to Jane from the UK about her trips to various countries on horse riding tours. She shares her best and worst experiences and also gives lots of advice and helpful information for listeners to get started on traveling abroad on horse riding holidays. She also shares about her visit toContinue reading “EQA Podcast Ep 13 Bosnia, Egypt & South Africa”

Horse Riding in Egypt and Reigniting an Old Flame

One adventuress shares how after 12 years out of the saddle she found her passion for horses once again…in Egypt of all places! She signed herself and her husband up for a horse riding holiday in Egypt and started taking riding lessons to prepare for the upcoming adventure. Follow along on their journey to the land of pyramids and pharaohs as they explore the ancient culture from between the horse’s ears.