Horse Podcast Ep 271: Breaking In New Boots!

Have you wondered the best way to break in new boots?  There are 3 main factors that go into stretching and softening the leather, gentle pressure, heat, and moisture. all vital to breaking in some new boots. The heat of summer can sometimes speed up this process. Most importantly starting with the correct size isContinue reading “Horse Podcast Ep 271: Breaking In New Boots!”

Horse Podcast Ep 270: Pony Hiking for Refugees

Sue Manning had a very special adventure. This summer she hiked the Cairngorms with her pony Kirsty as pack horse, covering 200 miles in about a month. And not only did she have fun travelling this way, she also did it for a good cause, collecting money for the Red Cross Campaign “Miles for RefugeesContinue reading “Horse Podcast Ep 270: Pony Hiking for Refugees”

Horse Podcast Ep 269: Mongol Derby – Who Will Finish

Mongol Derby, the who what when where, and why of the world’s longest horse.  The course the Mongol Derby follows recreates the horse messenger system developed by Genghis Khan in 1224 through the Mongolian Steppe. This year 46 riders from all over the world will participate in this challenging race starting on August 10. ThisContinue reading “Horse Podcast Ep 269: Mongol Derby – Who Will Finish”

Horse Podcast Ep 268: Crossing Germany on Horseback

What an epic adventure! Maren Brümmer crossed Germany from North to South, riding from the Baltic Sea for more than 1000 km in one month all the way to the Alpes with her home-bred Trakehner mare Auri. In today’s podcast episode she talks about her passion trail riding and how she came up with theContinue reading “Horse Podcast Ep 268: Crossing Germany on Horseback”

Horse Podcast Ep 267: Normandy – A Taste of France

You say Bonjour when you visit Normandy! Shortly after you will be saying ooh la la tres bien. Horses have played an essential role in Normandy’s history, traditions, and folklore. Some of the best racehorse breeding comes from Normandy, along with over 2000 sport stud farms. This area is famous for its schools, which offerContinue reading “Horse Podcast Ep 267: Normandy – A Taste of France”

Horse Podcast Ep 266: Taking Care of Your Horse’s Skin During Summer

Summer time is insect time and a lot of horses have problems with allergies, horse flies or midges. In today’s episode Ute talks with Daniela Vadehra, endurance rider, horse breeder and nutritionist about common skin problems we encounter with our horses during summer such as sweat itch, sun burn, mud fever or skin allergies andContinue reading “Horse Podcast Ep 266: Taking Care of Your Horse’s Skin During Summer”

Horse Podcast Ep 265: Packing Tips

Do you have favorite packing tips? I know we do. In today’s EQA #265 join Heather as she shares some packing tips for your next riding adventure. From what type of Bra to buying a sim card in destination she covers it all. Heather covers you from top to bottom with advice on packing tips, Continue reading “Horse Podcast Ep 265: Packing Tips”

Horse Podcast Ep 264: Eco-friendly Horsekeeping

How can we keep horses in an eco-friendly way and reduce their and our ecological footprint? This is the question I want to talk about in today’s podcast episode. Horse are big animals, they eat and poop a lot and need space. But did you know that horses are also carbon sequesters and can helpContinue reading “Horse Podcast Ep 264: Eco-friendly Horsekeeping”

Horse Podcast Ep 261: Wild Horses

Wild horses have roamed the planet for many years. It is believed that all horses alive today originated from a group of horses domesticated by humans around 5500 years ago. Wild horses have always been a symbol of freedom and adventure with a sense of romance In today’s podcast we learn the hierarchy of theContinue reading “Horse Podcast Ep 261: Wild Horses”

Horse Podcast Ep 260: The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

We are galloping through the years while celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the 2nd has a lifelong love of horses, and it shows during her 70 years on the throne celebration. From Parades, horse shows, and horse races horses are clearly the favorites of the Queen. The Queen Platinum Jubilee showcasedContinue reading “Horse Podcast Ep 260: The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee”