Horse Podcast Ep 264: Eco-friendly Horsekeeping

How can we keep horses in an eco-friendly way and reduce their and our ecological footprint? This is the question I want to talk about in today’s podcast episode. Horse are big animals, they eat and poop a lot and need space. But did you know that horses are also carbon sequesters and can helpContinue reading “Horse Podcast Ep 264: Eco-friendly Horsekeeping”

Horse Podcast Ep 251: DIY for Horses

Do you love being creative and work with your hands? Then get ready for some amazing DIY projects for your horse, barn or horsey friends. Make your own horse stuff, unique and personalised. It can save you some money and is a great way of spending some of your time getting active, alone or withContinue reading “Horse Podcast Ep 251: DIY for Horses”

Horse Podcast Ep 241: Saddle Pads for Trail Riders

Saddle pads for trail riders make sure that the ride is comfortable for you and your horse. They don’t make an ill-fitting saddle any better, but they can help in reducing friction between the saddle and the horse’s hair and absorb and distribute any pressure from the weight of saddle and rider. The choice ofContinue reading “Horse Podcast Ep 241: Saddle Pads for Trail Riders”

Horse Podcast Ep 171: Leather vs Biothane

In today’s podcast episode I am talking basics. Every horse owner and rider know his or her tack, be it saddles, bridles, breastplates or martingales. Traditionally they all are made from leather but a couple of years ago, a new material made its appearance: Biothane. Its an artificial material but it has greatly changed theContinue reading “Horse Podcast Ep 171: Leather vs Biothane”