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The Equestrian Adventuresses community shares stories and information about horseback riding, equine culture and equestrian programs in Indonesia, Asia. It’s famous for the island of Bali and the komodo dragons. Find out yourself!

Volunteering to Help the Horses on Gili T

Estair was only 16 years old when she headed off, without adult supervision, to volunteer with a horse rescue organisation on the Gili islands in Indonesia. Her parents, although initially concerned, decided to trust her and the organisation with this project. Estair tells us about this life changing experience helping horses on Gili T (short for: Gili Trawangan, the biggest of the three Gili islands). She allso shares why more teenagers should get involved in such projects.

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Ponies in Paradise – The Life of a Carriage Horse on the Gili Islands

The crystal blue ocean sparkles under the hot midday sun. As the boat slowly docks. My excitement builds as I step onto the island of Gili Air for the first time. I swing my backpack over my shoulder and am herded onto the dock with the other tourists. Waiting there is a line of ponies and carts ready to take us to our hotels in this little paradise. A beautifully coloured horse carriage and a cute pony catch my attention first on the Gili Islands. But as I move closer I see that the ponies are tiny, no more than 12hh. Each of them is attached to their carts with ill-fitting, sharp straps. Life is not a beach for the ponies of the Gili Islands.

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