Where do Lipizzaner horses come from?

Hello Adventuresses! This article is going to be about my experience riding Lipizzaner horses in Slovenia. While filming a portion of the Equestrian Adventuresses documentary series in Slovenia, I headed to the Italian border to visit Lipica stud farm. Read on to join me on a true dream come true and find out where LipizzanerContinue reading “Where do Lipizzaner horses come from?”

Ten Must-Read Horse Books for Adults

A while back, we asked adventuresses in our Facebook group to weigh in on their favorite horse books for adults about riding adventure and travel. They came up with a whopping 44 books! The following article is a round-up of some of the must-read horse books for adults from this list. Along with all fourContinue reading “Ten Must-Read Horse Books for Adults”

Horse Podcast Ep 30: How Corona is Affecting the Way We Travel and Live

On today’s episode Heather and Ute discuss once more how to travel during the recent Covid-19 epidemic. Both of them have talked with travel professionals to share some more information how to travel safely by air and how Corona is affecting travellers, travel outfitters and agents.

Horse Podcast Ep 29: International Travel During a Pandemic

On today’s episode Heather and Ute discuss international travel during the Covid-19 pandemic. Ute details her personal experience of flying from India to Germany this summer. They share some travel tips and what to expect if you decide to travel internationally.