Horse Podcast Ep 117: Lipizzaner – Royal Horses of Austria

Another episode of our Horse Breeds around the World Series. Today we visit Austria and its famous Lipizzaner Horses, the oldest cultural horse breed of Europe. I talk with Andrea and Max Dobretsberger, a couple from Austria who have been involved with the Lipizzaners for many years. In the last episode we talked about theContinue reading “Horse Podcast Ep 117: Lipizzaner – Royal Horses of Austria”

Where do Lipizzaner horses come from?

Hello Adventuresses! This article is going to be about my experience riding Lipizzaner horses in Slovenia. While filming a portion of the Equestrian Adventuresses documentary series in Slovenia, I headed to the Italian border to visit Lipica stud farm. Read on to join me on a true dream come true and find out where LipizzanerContinue reading “Where do Lipizzaner horses come from?”