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Meet the First Formally Trained Horse Dentist in India

Akruti Choksi is not only India’s first formally trained equine dentist, but she also happens to be a woman in the country’s very male-dominated world of horses. Instead of settling abroad, she chose to stay and help educate the local community about the importance of horse dentistry. Having worked as a horse dentist in India for a decade, she tells us how she has seen the industry and mindsets change over the years.

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How Photography, Horses and Travel Became an Addiction

In this interview, adventuress and professional equine photographer, Miriam shares how she started an equestrian photography safari in India. She tells how it took her nearly 30 years to combine her passions for photography, horses and travel. Furthermore she explains how her love of horses is captured on camera.

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My 500km Bareback Ride Across Rajasthan

One morning in 2015 Charlotte woke up with an idea: Why not try something new in India from “the lake city” Udaipur to the holy city of Pushkar? What about riding a beautiful Marwari horse for 500km bareback across Rajasthan? That sounds just about adventurous enough! Did Charlotte have the time of her life or the worst chafing ever seen by mankind? Just continue reading…

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