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We found horse riding stables, polo clubs and equestrian centers around the world for your next horse adventure! This horse riding catalog contains…

Equestrian Podcast Ep 10 Horse Riding in Argentina

One adventuress shares her stories traveling to the end of the world on horseback. Her destination: Peninsula Mitre, the Eastern part of La Isla Grande de Tierra Del Fuego in Argentina. Listen to her talking about this incredible adventure including how she met penguins and a wild herd of horses on the way. She shares storiesContinue reading “Equestrian Podcast Ep 10 Horse Riding in Argentina”

A Yemeni Woman’s Dream to Ride Horses, Travel and Live Life the Way She Wants

One adventuress shares her personal experiences growing up in Yemen, and her experience riding a horse for the first time! She shares the truth of life behind the veil and the hardships of being a woman in an arab culture. Her eye-opening story is both courageous and honest and sure to make readers thankful forContinue reading “A Yemeni Woman’s Dream to Ride Horses, Travel and Live Life the Way She Wants”

Scotland to Cornwall: A 1,000 Mile Journey

When Cathleen decided to follow in the footsteps of her favorite Long Rider’s heroes, she had no idea how to actually do it. Her goal was to travel 1,000 miles from the top of Scotland to her home in Cornwall on horseback. She had no clue what to pack, where she would sleep or how to deal with an emergency? What if her horse wasn’t the right choice? Did she make a big mistake?

Discover a Natural Horsemanship Center in India Created by a Woman

When Charlotte moved to India and rescued a Marwari horse. She then introduced bitless riding at competitions and educate people about horse welfare in India.