EQA Podcast Ep 21 You can’t learn Horse Riding from Books

In today’s episode Heather and Ute are getting to know each other. They discuss Heather’s recent road trip to British Columbia, the view from Ute’s kitchen window, how you cannot learn horse riding from books and how the feel for horses is the most important ingredient in becoming a good rider. 

Exploring the Continental Divide Trail in Colorado

Nancy tells us about her ride-of-a-lifetime along a part of the Continental Divide Trail in Colorado. After having ridden at high altitude the whole summer she was able to convince the trail guides to allow her to use her own horse, a leggy Arabian. This was an unusual sight in between the drafty trail horsesContinue reading “Exploring the Continental Divide Trail in Colorado”

Greenland, Horse Riding and Icebergs

The team of Equestrian Adventuresses travels the world to film a documentary-series about empowered women working with horses in unique travel destinations. It’s no coincidence that they ended up in Greenland for the next stop on the film tour! As Adventuress Krystal would soon learn, the world’s largest island is an off-the-beaten-path destination far fromContinue reading “Greenland, Horse Riding and Icebergs”

Equestrian Podcast Ep 12 Riding Horses in Australia & Riding Horses Across the USA

In this episode we talk to Jodie Morton about her long distance horseback riding adventures 1,000 kilometers across Australia and another 1,000 kilometers across the USA! She shares her expert advice for riding the Bicentennial Trail in Australia as well as the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) in the USA. Her stories and horse travel talesContinue reading “Equestrian Podcast Ep 12 Riding Horses in Australia & Riding Horses Across the USA”

Take the Bison by the Horns: Bison Roundup on Antelope Island, Utah

This time fellow Adventuress Adrienne takes us on a very special equestrian adventure: the yearly bison roundup on Antelope Island, Utah. The stunning landscape at the Great Salt Lake is the setting for thrilling action trying to drive a herd of almost 800 bison in their winter pens. Adrienne shares her a unique inside experienceContinue reading “Take the Bison by the Horns: Bison Roundup on Antelope Island, Utah”

Modern Cowgirl – Horseback Riding in Colorado

Adrienne takes us with her on a journey in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Within the beautiful setting of this mountain range she had the opportunity to ride horses on trails with tourists as well as roam the wilderness only with a group of pack horses to deliver needed material to trail crews, geological surveyorsContinue reading “Modern Cowgirl – Horseback Riding in Colorado”

Living in Her Trailer and Riding Horses Across the USA

Travelling with one or more horses can be a daunting experience that many horse owners’ are curious how to do and make it fun. A fellow Equestrian Adventuress shares with us how she and her partner created a life of travelling with her horses full time! They live in their trailer and go horse ridingContinue reading “Living in Her Trailer and Riding Horses Across the USA”

EQA Podcast Ep 5 USA

One adventuresses journey with her two horses exploring the wide open spaces of the United States of America! She left everything behind to take up this grand adventure with her partner riding and climbing around the USA over a year ago with no plans of stopping. She has explored places such as Arizona, Utah, WyomingContinue reading “EQA Podcast Ep 5 USA”