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Between Fires and Horses: Life of a Firefighter and Horse Trainer in Rural Australia

Twenty-three-year-old rural firefighter and horsemanship trainer Odessa has been spending the past few months fighting the fires ravaging Australia. Living in Queensland in an area that has been going through the worst drought on record, she struggles to keep up day to day operations while trying to be as prepared as possible in case fires spread to her area. Her time with horses helps her cope with the stress.

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EQA Podcast Ep 12 Australia & USA

In this episode we talk to Jodie Morton about her long distance horseback riding adventures 1,000 kilometers across Australia and another 1,000 kilometers across the USA! She shares her expert advice for riding the Bicentennial Trail in Australia as well as the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) in the USA. Her stories and horse travel tales are sure to leave you thirsting for some adventures of your own so listen up!

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Interview: Horsing Around in Papua New Guinea

We interviewed two Equestrian Adventuresses about their experiences horse riding in Papua New Guinea. Here’s what they revealed about this terribly mysterious country with almost ZERO online information about horses. We speak to Sarah Snyder who spent her first 18 years in Papua New Guinea, and enjoyed riding at the Ukarumpa Pony Club from 1992 – 2000. (She was born in Papua New Guinea!) We also speak to Rebekah Drew, a Canadian who has been living and working in Papua New Guinea for the past 10 years and plans to continue doing so for years to come!

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