Horse Podcast Ep 265: Packing Tips

Do you have favorite packing tips? I know we do. In today’s EQA #265 join Heather as she shares some packing tips for your next riding adventure. From what type of Bra to buying a sim card in destination she covers it all. Heather covers you from top to bottom with advice on packing tips, Continue reading “Horse Podcast Ep 265: Packing Tips”

Horse Podcast Ep 152: What To Pack For A Riding Holiday!

So you booked a riding holiday, now what do you need to pack? Today’s podcast “What to Pack for a Horse Riding Holiday” covers all that information off. We discuss things you must take, the best way to pack them, and a few other tricks and tips.  Ute, Krystal, and Heather discussed using a liveContinue reading “Horse Podcast Ep 152: What To Pack For A Riding Holiday!”

What Are the Best Saddle Bags for Horses?

Imagine riding your horse in the wilderness…and then suddenly your saddle bag straps break. What do you do? Are you going to kick yourself thinking you should have gotten the more expensive gear? In this article, I’m going to be sharing my thoughts and personal experiences with the saddle bags that I used to rideContinue reading “What Are the Best Saddle Bags for Horses?”

Best Horse Riding Boots Review: For Trail, Endurance and Long Distance

Which riding boots should you be wearing for equestrian adventures? I share Krystal Kelly’s personal opinions on what has and hasn’t worked for her. Will we finally settle the debate between short or tall boots? Find out in this best horse riding boots review!

Horse Podcast Ep 24: Cowboy Dressage from Student to International Judge

On today’s episode Heather interviews Kim Moats a local riding coach and mentor who has seen it all. She was self taught on the back of a big old horse to now being an International coach and judge.

Horse Podcast Ep 23: You Asked Them We’ve Answered Them

In today’s episode Ute and Heather answers all your questions that have come in off Facebook. They also go into more detail on what you should be asking when planning your own equestrian adventure. This will become a regular feature on future horse podcast episodes so be sure to subscribe. Please continue to submit yourContinue reading “Horse Podcast Ep 23: You Asked Them We’ve Answered Them”