Horse Podcast Ep 261: Wild Horses

Wild horses have roamed the planet for many years. It is believed that all horses alive today originated from a group of horses domesticated by humans around 5500 years ago. Wild horses have always been a symbol of freedom and adventure with a sense of romance In today’s podcast we learn the hierarchy of theContinue reading “Horse Podcast Ep 261: Wild Horses”

Horse Podcast Ep 53: Ask Your Vet – Cloning Horses

Another episode with Adriana and Ute. Today they talk about the recent birth of a cloned Przewalski horse and how cloning of horses is done. Adriana who has done a lot of reproductive medicine in horses tells us the different steps involved, how difficult and expensive it is and we discuss the question whether itContinue reading “Horse Podcast Ep 53: Ask Your Vet – Cloning Horses”