Horse Podcast Ep 90: How High Can You Jump?

How high can you jump ? now add side saddle to that challenge! In todays episode Heather is speaking with Susan Oakes Guiness world record holder for jumping 6’8″ (2.07m) side saddle. Yes you read that correct she cleared a 6’8″ wall sitting side saddle. This wasn’t an easy feat to accomplish. Susan spent manyContinue reading “Horse Podcast Ep 90: How High Can You Jump?”

Horse Podcast Ep 70: She Is Your All Around Cowgirl!

Todays episode brings you an interview with an all around cowgirl! Heather speaks with Lee Mclean owner and operator of Keystone Equine in High River, Alberta, Canada. If there is something you can do with a horse, she has tried it. From 4H leader, to side saddle racer, to blog and book author, Lee hasContinue reading “Horse Podcast Ep 70: She Is Your All Around Cowgirl!”

EQA Interview with Dr. Kate Vigurs on Performing Historical Re-enactments on Horseback

Historical interpreter Kate Vigurs brings stories of powerful women throughout history to life. She owns a business for historical re-enactments with her horse.