The Exciting Life of Traveling Women Polo Players – Part 1

Rebecca Walters is one of the few successful women polo players in the world. Based in Britain, she’s constantly traveling and playing polo tournaments around the globe. Although traditionally considered a man’s world, the sport of polo is rapidly opening up, and becoming increasingly popular among women. In between tournaments and training her horses, RebeccaContinue reading “The Exciting Life of Traveling Women Polo Players – Part 1”

EQA Podcast Ep 11 Scotland

Karen went on an amazing adventure with her deaf dog and her troublesome horse across 13 islands completely unsupported. She shares how her crazy rescue horse was downright dangerous and it was actually suggested by a vet to have her put down. When Karen came up with the idea at this last attempt to winContinue reading “EQA Podcast Ep 11 Scotland”

Unsupported Horseback Riding in Scotland – Wild Camping & Exploring the Hills and Glens

Claire Alldritt lives in Scotland. There she manages to go out several times a year on trail rides with her two horses. Not only does she go out by herself using one of her horses as a pack horse. But they are both barefoot, ridden bitless and using a treeless saddle. Claire’s dream is toContinue reading “Unsupported Horseback Riding in Scotland – Wild Camping & Exploring the Hills and Glens”

Scotland to Cornwall: A 1,000 Mile Journey

When Cathleen decided to follow in the footsteps of her favorite Long Rider’s heroes, she had no idea how to actually do it. Her goal was to travel 1,000 miles from the top of Scotland to her home in Cornwall on horseback. She had no clue what to pack, where she would sleep or how to deal with an emergency? What if her horse wasn’t the right choice? Did she make a big mistake?

EQA Interview with Dr. Kate Vigurs on Performing Historical Re-enactments on Horseback

Historical interpreter Kate Vigurs brings stories of powerful women throughout history to life. She owns a business for historical re-enactments with her horse.