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The Equestrian Adventuresses community shares stories and information related to working in the horse industry all around the world. Get inspired by travel tales from each corner of the planet.

Volunteering to Help the Horses on Gili T

Estair was only 16 years old when she headed off, without adult supervision, to volunteer with a horse rescue organisation on the Gili islands in Indonesia. Her parents, although initially concerned, decided to trust her and the organisation with this project. Estair tells us about this life changing experience helping horses on Gili T (short for: Gili Trawangan, the biggest of the three Gili islands). She allso shares why more teenagers should get involved in such projects.

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Mongolian Polo: The Exciting Life of Traveling Women Polo Players – Part 2

Equestrian Adventuresses’ regular contributor Charlotte met Elizabeth during a summer playing polo in Mongolia in 2015. They connected over their love of horses, travel and the sport of polo. In this interview, Elizabeth tells Charlotte how she used her passion for horses and beautiful fabrics to create a luxury and sustainable equestrian-inspired brand of clothes and accessories. She shares the excitement and challenges of being a single mother of highly athletic kids, being an active polo player and sourcing the incredible materials and designs for her equestrian business from all over the world.

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The Exciting Life of Traveling Women Polo Players – Part 1

Rebecca Walters is one of the few successful women polo players in the world. Based in Britain, she’s constantly traveling and playing polo tournaments around the globe. Although traditionally considered a man’s world, the sport of polo is rapidly opening up, and becoming increasingly popular among women. In between tournaments and training her horses, Rebecca is involved with the Ladies Polo Foundation initiative to make polo more accessible to women in the UK.

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Modern Cowgirl – Horse Riding in Colorado

Adrienne takes us with her on a journey in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Within the beautiful setting of this mountain range she had the opportunity to ride horses on trails with tourists as well as roam the wilderness only with a group of pack horses to deliver needed material to trail crews, geological surveyors and wildfire prevention teams. Dive into an amazing story about horse riding in Colorado.

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Being a “Yard Lass” – Working with Horses in Ireland

When Vermont native Caitlin Boylan graduated college, there were two things she knew she wanted to do: travel and work with horses. The Irish Working Holiday Authorisation provided a perfect way to do both. Here’s Caitlin’s advice for applying online for jobs abroad (hint – have a backup plan), and why you should consider applying for this very cool visa if you’re a recent college grad from the US. So here they are: the pros and cons of working with horses in Ireland.

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Discover a Natural Horsemanship Center in India Created by a Woman

When Charlotte moved to India, she rescued a Marwari horse that would catapult her life onto a newfound path. She would go on to introduce bitless riding at competitions and educate people about horse welfare in India. This finally led to one of the first natural horsemanship programs in India.

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Making Wishes in the Land of the Wind Horse and Thunder Dragon

Adventuresses Founder, Krystal Kelly shares her story of the first time she traveled to Bhutan to start the first horse riding program in the entire country and how she made a special wish which came true five years later!

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