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If you like horses and adventure, then try galloping through the Sahara Desert in Morocco
“To ride a horse is to ride the sky” (Author Unknown). It’s not true that it never rains on a desert. Trying to make it to the camp before the rain. Morocco, Sahara outskirts. Photo Credits: Aga Karmol

Welcome to Equestrian Adventuresses, the community for women who love horses, travel and adventure!

We are a tribe of women with similar dreams and adventure goals and a passion for horses and travel. We offer travel advice, recommendations, useful articles, featured interviews, trip inspiration, motivational stories, breathtaking photos and amazing stories of adventure from horseback written by adventuresses around the world!

An equestrian adventuress crosses a medieval bridge in Albania
Crossing a Medieval Bridge in Albania. Photo Credits: Kristina Fidhi

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“To empower women to travel with horses and have adventures while helping the community, improving horse welfare, inspiring others and supporting local women to get involved with horses!”

Two powerful women cheering and waving on a horse bareback
“The Power of Women gathering is immeasurable.” – Unknown. Photo Credits: Manuela González and Marisol Fernández, riding “Villalobos” in Chile.

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Dramatic clouds in the sky over the Avenue of the Volcanoes, Ecuador.
If you don’t like clouds, don’t go to Ecuador, they say… Ecuador, Avenue of the Volcanoes. Photo Credits: Aga Karmol

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