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We are a tribe of women interested in luxury travel to Europe to compete internationally, and jump big jumps on fab horses, while sipping wine working on our tans while on vacation! So join us on Facebook and connect with other like-minded women doing cool stuff with horses.


Coach Krystal Kelly & 5 Year old Show Jumper in Training, “Zefira” at their private yard in Spain.
  • We help to Erase Geographical Barriers.
  • We provide virtual and in-person coaching services to help you succeed.
  • Select riders can hire our FEI horses to compete in Spain on a luxury vacation with us. You can choose to take private 1:1 lessons at our private yard or particpate in REAL FEI competitions.
  • We offer valuable resources to help you on your quest!

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Our Mission:

“To bridge the gap between the USA & Europe, allowing amateur show jumpers the chance to become empowered by bestowing access to the highest level of quality & education so you can pursue your dreams of international competitions.”