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Welcome to Equestrian Adventuresses, the tribe dedicated to helping you have amazing travels and adventures on horseback.

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Light and clouds make a simple horseback riding scene magic in Ecuador
“If you don’t like clouds, don’t go to Ecuador.” Ecuador, Avenue of The Volcanoes, 4000m above the sea level (13,000 feet). Photo Credits: Aga Karmol

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Our Mission:

“To empower women around the world to travel the world on horseback.”

Two powerful women cheering and waving on a horse bareback
“The Power of Women gathering is immeasurable.” – Unknown. Photo Credits: Manuela González and Marisol Fernández riding “Villalobos” in Chile.
An equestrian adventuress crosses a medieval bridge in Albania
Crossing a Medieval Bridge in Albania. Photo Credits: Kristina Fidhi