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All our online equestrian courses are designed to bring you to the next level. May it be your riding confidence and skills as well as the ability to ride and travel safely everywhere you go.

Speaking the Horse Language – Online Equestrian Courses

Speaking the Horse Language is one of our most popular online equestrian courses

Women’s Travel Safety Online Course

Women's Travel Safety is not directly about mastering the skill of horse riding, but we think it's a valuable addition to our online equestrian courses as most of our customers travel the world to ride horses

“I have been riding for 50 years. Many of the tips and explanations were invaluable. I wish I knew them years ago. Thank you for sharing.”

Wendy Weiner

What is the “Speaking the Horse Language” Online Equestrian Course?

“Speaking the Horse Language” is an online course for anyone interested in mastering their body language and energy and consequently being able to communicate with horses in the horse language. There’s more to it than just knowing what it means when the horses pin their ears or buck. Understanding the horse language is very subtle and requires mastery of your own energy. As a result, this online horse training course aims to make you a better rider and trainer and master your horsemanship skills. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are. And it also doesn’t matter whether or not you have access to good coaches. Because now you can access world class training from the comfort of your own home and learn in your free time.

Who are our Online Equestrian Courses for?

  • Anyone who wants to build a close relationship with their horse.
  • Anyone with confidence issues on the ground or in the saddle.
  • Young horses.
  • Horses and riders from any discipline. No matter if it’s Show Jumping, Polo, Western, Dressage, Endurance etc.
  • Horses with confidence issues.
  • And beginning riders all the way to experienced, advanced riders.
Krystal Kelly is your couch in our online equestrian courses. She is happy to share her experiences and knowledge with you.
Krystal Kelly, Founder of Equestrian Adventuresses, FEI II Coach and host of the Equestrian Adventuresses Amazon Prime Series, Pictured in Greenland.

Meet Your Coach

Krystal Kelly is a Californian on a quest to visit every country in the world. Subsequently, she’s trained thousands of students and horses from around the world in over 20+ different countries on 5 different continents. Additionally, she is a best selling author, public speaker, clinician and is the ONLY FEI II Certified Coach from the USA.

To Find out more about how you can plan your dream horse trip and build a relationship with horses around the globe, have a look here:

What is the Women’s Travel Safety Online Course?

Women's Travel Safety tips and Secrets

Most of the stuff you’ll find online will tell you: “Take a self-defense-class and you’re free to go and travel.” Look, I support this idea. But the thing is: As a women you only have a 3-SECOND-WINDOW to make the man unconscious on the floor and escape the scene. THREE. SECOND. WINDOW.

Count to 3 right now. It doesn’t seem that long, does it, right?

This course is not about what to do when getting attacked. However, this course is an effective preventative travel advice course.

More so, it is not just about carrying “pepper spray” or something like this. Imagine getting through airport security with mace!? – What a nightmare!

We do not talk about unrealistic advice and unhelpful gadgets. Because being safe includes that fist taxi ride from the airport to the hotel at 2 in the morning when all your “gadgets” are packed inside your check in luggage. 

“But what is inside this course, Krystal?”

This course is about traveling safe and not getting in danger in the first place. So you´ll be able to:

  • Travel the world safely as a solo female
  • Go anywhere hassle-free
  • Enjoy your vacations and getaways without fear and stress
  • ​Walk down unfamiliar streets and districts confidently

For further information, check out all our resources for equestrians or get to know the team of Equestrian Adventuresses.

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