10 Tips How To Get A Job or Volunteer Work with Horses Abroad

In this article we are going to be covering 10 tips on how you can travel the world doing jobs for various horse riding stables or do volunteer work abroad with horses… in pretty much any country!

A Mongolian Horse Race: 7 Tips For Survival

Maybe you’re curious about entering or just wondering how competitors survive the world’s longest and toughest horse race. Either way, you need to read the following tips! We’ve got gear suggestions, emergency snack ideas and what to do if you’re a woman in the middle of a Mongolian horse race mounted on a crazy steed.Continue reading “A Mongolian Horse Race: 7 Tips For Survival”

How To Ride Horses in Argentina

In this article we’re going to be sharing with you why an Argentinian horse riding holiday needs to be on your bucket list as an equestrian! Argentina is the land of gauchos and of course delicious steak. So, that’s some of the reasons why you need to go there. We’re going to be diving intoContinue reading “How To Ride Horses in Argentina”

Tips For Traveling Your Horse Safely

Traveling with your horse can be a stressful time. Some horses may have no problem going to new places, whereas some may have a more difficult time. There are some helpful tips for traveling your horse safely to follow whenever you go anywhere. Whether you are traveling 30 minutes or 12 hours away, you wantContinue reading “Tips For Traveling Your Horse Safely”