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Saddles & Sisterhood

Book 1 in the Series takes you to Bhutan, Canada, Australia, the USA, Greece, France and Ireland as you travel the world forming friendships along the way. You’ll knock on strangers’ doors as you long ride across Ireland. You’ll encounter bears, fly into the World’s Most Dangerous Airport and reconnect with your mother on your first riding holiday. This book is true stories about women making friends around the globe. 

Going the Distance

Book 2 takes you to New Zealand with a couple of packhorses and a rifle as you bushwhack your way through some of the most remote landscape around. You’ll also travel across South America… with your TODDLERS! Search for your dream horse in India, and follow your dream of being a show jumper while living in Italy. This book is true stories of women overcoming the odds with their horses in exotic countries.

Leg Up

Book 3 takes you to exotic countries such as India, Georgia, Mongolia, South Africa and Chile. Tackle language barriers while working as a Gaucho in South America. Embrace the aid of total strangers while riding across Georgia and discover your “heart horse” in beautiful England. This book is true stories of women overcoming challenges during their equestrian adventures around the globe. 

Have Breeches Will Travel

Book 4 takes you on a helicopter to Greenland to ride icelandic horses. You’ll also get banned from a country, accidentally get hired to work at a stables in Romania, take yourself on a date in Sicily and live the life of a vet in Namibia. Ride across the Moroccan desert for a month and tackle a pipeline in the making by riding alongside it in the USA to try and stop it from destroying the land. These are true stories of women traveling the world on horseback.

Now you can travel the world on horseback… without getting lost, thrown or rained on.

Experience horse riding in exotic destinations with these true and inspirational stories of women overcoming challenges, facing their fears and connecting with other adventuresses.

Krystal her husband and the Bhutanese mountain pony Firefly are happy to have reached the highest point of the Febila pass, Bhutan

Experience long riding horse travels to countries such as:

  • Georgia
  • Bhutan
  • Mongolia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • South Africa
  • India
  • Poland
  • Namibia
  • Greece
  • France
  • Morocco

And much, much more!

Plan your horse riding trip around the world now!

Download your 3 FREE Digital E-books in the Travel Guide for Equestrians Series.

New to the series! Equestrian Adventuresses Book 4: Have Breeches Will Travel

You can find this book series on amazon worldwide so if you are outside of the USA then please search for the book in your local amazon store. (amazon.co.uk for UK residents, amazon.de for germany, amazon.ca for Canada, etc.)

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