EQA Podcast Ep 3 Jordan

In today’s episode I talk to Tamar from the Netherlands who shares how she bought a donkey in Jordan and walked over 600km through deserts and canyons to the dead sea. She shares with how her donkey, Yustra became braver and braver and what Middle Eastern culture was like for her as a solo woman traveler. Tamar also shares an adventurous story with us about how she plans to rent a reindeer and travel across Siberia! So listen up, you’re not going to want to miss this one!

Our Guest today:

Tamar Valkenier (Netherlands)

Where you can find Tamar and join her in Mongolia:

Tamar Valkenier


  • Walking 600km across Jordan with a donkey
  • Horse riding in Mongolia
  • Upcoming Journey on reindeer in Mongolia



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