Horse Podcast Ep 199: Tales from the Life of a Horse Breeder

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 199 - Tales from the Life of a Horse Breeder

In today’s podcast episode I am talking about my recent experiences as a horse breeder. We have always had some foals here and there, breeding our own safari horses. But never more than two or maximum three in the same year. This year we got five, so there is plenty of work. Night watches, midwife duties and kindergarten have been my daily life this summer. Now finally all foals are there and I am getting them used to being handled, haltered and groomed. Life is definitely going to be busy for the next couple of months! Join me today as I talk about birthing, the handling of young foals and the responsibilities of a horse breeder!

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Your Host today:

Ute Tonia (India)

Equestrian Adventuress, podcast host, horse breeder and trail riding guide all rolled in one!

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  • A foal is born
  • Imprint training & early learning
  • Handling of young foals
  • Laying the foundation

Thank you for tuning in and happy trails!

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Thanks for listening to our Tales from the Life of a Horse Breeder Episode!

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