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Exploring the Continental Divide Trail in Colorado

Nancy tells us about her ride-of-a-lifetime along a part of the Continental Divide Trail in Colorado. After having ridden at high altitude the whole summer she was able to convince the trail guides to allow her to use her own horse, a leggy Arabian. This was an unusual sight in between the drafty trail horses generally used up in the mountains. Nancy proved herself and her trusty Arabian worthy of the Rocky Mountains. And even got a new nickname for her steed: “Alien Mosquito.”

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Riding Icelandic Horses in Greenland (With Icebergs!)

The team of Equestrian Adventuresses travels the world to film a documentary-series about empowered women working with horses in unique travel destinations. It’s no coincidence that they ended up in Greenland for the next stop in the film tour! As Adventuress Krystal would soon learn, riding Icelandic horses in Greenland is an off-the-beaten-path destination far from the busy crowds and mass tourism. And what better way than to discover such a unique and mysterious place than with a horseback adventure! In Greenland you will meet the amazing adventuress Naasu who started the riding operation along with her husband Piitaq owners of the Inneruulalik Guestfarm!

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The Equine Behavioral Science Institute – Understanding Horses and Making a Difference

As you know, our mission at Equestrian Adventuresses is “to empower women around the world to pursue their passion for adventure with horses.” This works in two ways: On one hand, we are delivering you, fellow adventuresses, inspiring stories of women who live their dream. On the other hand, we give those women a channel to spread their knowledge and information. This time, we are talking to Valentina who is the founder of a research institute for equine behavior. Her goal is to bridge the gap between scientific research and everyday horse management. By understanding horses and their language, she believes you can make a big difference. We are proud to present to you: Valentina Kupresan, founder of the “Equine Behavioral Science Institute.”

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EQA Podcast Ep 12 Australia & USA

In this episode we talk to Jodie Morton about her long distance horseback riding adventures 1,000 kilometers across Australia and another 1,000 kilometers across the USA! She shares her expert advice for riding the Bicentennial Trail in Australia as well as the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) in the USA. Her stories and horse travel tales are sure to leave you thirsting for some adventures of your own so listen up!

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Take the Bison by the Horns: Bison Roundup on Antelope Island, Utah

This time fellow Adventuress Adrienne takes us on a very special equestrian adventure: the yearly bison roundup on Antelope Island, Utah. The stunning landscape at the Great Salt Lake is the setting for thrilling action trying to drive a herd of almost 800 bison in their winter pens. Adrienne shares her a unique inside experience as part of the team of nearly 300 riders and horses facing the impressive and almost fearless bison.

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The Healing Power of Horses: From Wheelchair to Riding Horses Again in Poland

California-born Kasia went to Poland to find the horse that would take her to Grand Prix jumping. However, her world almost ended when she was diagnosed with Lupus SLE and Fibromyalgia and she was told she would never ride again. This is the story of how her horses gave her the strength and courage to fight back, how she discovered natural horsemanship and started competing bridle-less. Through the healing power of horses, she went from living in a wheelchair to riding again. She now lives in Poland, where she is working on setting up a horsemanship center where people can learn to connect with horses through painting as well as to learn how to ride without a bridle.

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Meet the Woman Who is Running a Horse Sanctuary in India

Born in a family of wildlife conservationists spanning across India and Africa, Zoha started a horse sanctuary in her family’s wildlife resort in southern India. She is involved firsthand in the rescue and rehabilitation of equines who then get to spend the rest of their lives in the sanctuary while she continues her quest to resolve man-animal conflicts around forests.

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Modern Cowgirl – Horse Riding in Colorado

Adrienne takes us with her on a journey in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Within the beautiful setting of this mountain range she had the opportunity to ride horses on trails with tourists as well as roam the wilderness only with a group of pack horses to deliver needed material to trail crews, geological surveyors and wildfire prevention teams. Dive into an amazing story about horse riding in Colorado.

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2020 Horse Riding Endurance Race in Brazil – Compete with Gauchos!

Riding into the sunrise on a Criollo Horse in Brazil
The first ride of the day usually starts very early so the riders can enjoy some beautiful sunrises.

Imagine if you had the chance to race on horseback in the Naadam against the locals in Mongolia?

The “Marcha de Resistência” is one of the LONGEST endurance competitions in the world. It takes place every year for competitors in Brazil and a few of the South American nations. This endurance race is 750 kilometers long and takes place over 15 days during the winter. Gauchos compete on their highly trained Criollo horses in order to secure breeding rights for the horses that finish. 

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Horse Riding in Egypt and Reigniting an Old Flame

One adventuress shares how after 12 years out of the saddle she found her passion for horses once again… in Egypt of all places! She signed herself and her husband up for a horse riding holiday in Egypt and started taking riding lessons to prepare for the upcoming adventure. Follow along on their journey to the land of pyramids and pharaohs as they explore the ancient culture from between the horse’s ears.

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