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EQA Podcast Ep 18 How to Make Money with Horses

In this podcast episode I dive deep into 5 Passive Income Ideas so you can learn how to make money with horses! Get some great ideas how to use platforms online to create passive income to finance your horsey dreams. Let’s get started…

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Tips For Traveling Your Horse Safely

Traveling with your horse can be a stressful time. Some horses may have no problem going to new places, whereas some may have a more difficult time. There are some helpful tips for traveling your horse safely to follow whenever you go anywhere. Whether you are traveling 30 minutes or 12 hours away, you want to make sure your horse is relaxed and safe during the process. Your horse should be comfortable with the idea of riding in a trailer and staying in some place new. Though it can be a stressful process, understanding your horse’s needs can help make it a hassle free process.

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Horse Riding Adventures in Mongolia – Where the Horse Embodies the Human Soul

Sabine takes guests on horse riding adventures in Mongolia. They trek into wild landscapes and beautiful grasslands that have been the home of nomadic herders for millennia. She had a passion for horses since childhood. Yet horse riding had been an unattainable tenet for her until she came to Mongolia. Pretty soon after arrival, she got on horseback, using the opportunities of working with rural livestock herders in the vast countryside. Mongolian horses don’t need clinics to learn stepping over logs and crossing creeks. In navigating wilderness terrain they are skilled like wild animals. At the same time, they are of great character, responsive and easy-going in their conduct with riders.

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Volunteering to Help the Horses on Gili T

Estair was only 16 years old when she headed off, without adult supervision, to volunteer with a horse rescue organisation on the Gili islands in Indonesia. Her parents, although initially concerned, decided to trust her and the organisation with this project. Estair tells us about this life changing experience helping horses on Gili T (short for: Gili Trawangan, the biggest of the three Gili islands). She allso shares why more teenagers should get involved in such projects.

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EQA Podcast Ep 17 How to have an Online Business with Horses

In today’s episode I answer the question: “How can I have an online business if I’m in the horse business?” Many riding coaches, horse borders, horse trainers and tack shop owners are really struggling during the face of the coronavirus because they do not know how to monetize their equine business online! Join the Funnel Challenge!

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Meet the First Formally Trained Horse Dentist in India

Akruti Choksi is not only India’s first formally trained equine dentist, but she also happens to be a woman in the country’s very male-dominated world of horses. Instead of settling abroad, she chose to stay and help educate the local community about the importance of horse dentistry. Having worked as a horse dentist in India for a decade, she tells us how she has seen the industry and mindsets change over the years.

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EQA Podcast Ep 16 How the Corona Virus is Impacting the Horse Business

In this episode I share with you how the corona virus is impacting the horse business and equestrian tourism industry. I share my tips and strategies on how you can protect your horse business and stop trading time for money. It’s an interesting time with the Covid19 and all the chaos it’s brought to the world and it has definitely taught everyone one simple lesson: to have other income sources other than just your main income with your job as an equestrian business owner.

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Guided by Saharan Stars -Two Sisters Reconnected Through Horse Riding in Morocco

2020 is the year when two sisters had the opportunity to take part in an adventure that would reunite both of them after 10 years of living in different countries. Being half-sisters, one of them grew up in England while the other was in Morocco. Therefore, they had different education, culture, hobbies, etc. It was important for them and their dad to find a nice way to reconnect. And there it was: the perfect opportunity to go horse riding in Morocco.

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A Hidden Gem: Horse Riding in Slovenia

The team of Equestrian Adventuresses travels the world to film a documentary-series about women empowerment, horses, travel and adventure. It’s no coincidence that they found themselves horse riding in Slovenia for the next stop in the film tour! As Adventuress Krystal would soon learn, Slovenia is a hidden gem tucked away in Europe. And what better way to discover such a unique and special country than a horseback adventure with fellow adventuresses! So travel with us to Slovenia where you will meet the man behind it all, Borut from Horses on Breg.

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Mongolian Polo: The Exciting Life of Traveling Women Polo Players – Part 2

Equestrian Adventuresses’ regular contributor Charlotte met Elizabeth during a summer playing polo in Mongolia in 2015. They connected over their love of horses, travel and the sport of polo. In this interview, Elizabeth tells Charlotte how she used her passion for horses and beautiful fabrics to create a luxury and sustainable equestrian-inspired brand of clothes and accessories. She shares the excitement and challenges of being a single mother of highly athletic kids, being an active polo player and sourcing the incredible materials and designs for her equestrian business from all over the world.

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